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Your Guide to Interstate and Long Distance Moving from New Jersey to Houston, TX

Moving your belongings from New Jersey to Houston, Texas can seem like an overwhelming task. We’re talking, after all, about a long distance to cover and you need to consider all the logistics of such an endeavor. It can all get very stressful, especially if the time or budget you have to plan it are limited.

Luckily, hiring a professional moving company like American Movers will take care of the transportation from A to Z, allowing you to focus on the other preparations you have to make before the move.

Why Move to Houston, Texas?

Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas and the 4th largest city in the States. It offers a myriad of opportunities, attractions, housing, and schooling options, with a variety of environments that will fit any type of relocation.

Whether you need a residential move or a commercial one, no matter the size of your household or business, American Movers have the proper solutions and plenty of experience in the industry, as we’ve been operating all across the country since 1916.

How Much Does it Cost to Move from New Jersey to Houston, TX?

Interstate moving can be costly, but if you hire experienced long distance movers with an extensive fleet, plenty of experience in the industry, and a successful business, you can get good deals.

The price of such a move can go up to $4,000, but the final amount depends on a lot of factors that vary with each client. Here are the main variables that will dictate the cost of your move:

  • Fixed prices + Distance: long distance moving will inevitably be more expensive than local moving, but the price per mile goes down as you move further away because the fixed costs are the same for any move.
  • Time of the year when you make the move: Consider moving off-season to avoid the busy summer season or winter holidays. You can also get a better price by moving during the week instead of the weekend.
  • Needed services: If you want to lower your costs, pack your items yourself and choose a shared container or shared trailer transportation.

To get a reliable estimate of your price, contact the movers and let them know what you need to transport, when, and where.

Get a Free Quote

If you have already decided on the date of your move and found a new place, contact American Movers as soon as you can and request a free quote for your transportation. The professionals in our team will handle your requests with promptness and a positive attitude, ensuring that every detail is clear and that you get the best deal for this long-distance move.

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