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Interstate Moving From NJ To Florida – Our Tips For Your Road Trip

Even if you’ve hired interstate movers to take your stuff from NJ to Florida, you may find it’s cheaper and simpler to drive to your new home instead of flying, particularly if you have young children and pets. If you’re driving from NJ to Florida, here are a few tips that can make your journey a bit more fun – and tolerable!

1. Plan To Take At Least 2 Days For The Trip

Your trip will likely be at least 1,000 miles – and it can be a lot longer, depending on your destination. Driving to Miami, FL from Trenton, NJ, for example, will be over 1,200 miles, and that trip will take more than 18 hours (with no stops).

For that reason, we don’t recommend trying to get to your new home in one non-stop driving session when you’re moving from NJ to Florida. Driving for that long is uncomfortable – and can be dangerous if you’re not getting enough sleep.

Whether you decide to pull off at a rest stop for the night or get a hotel, we highly recommend breaking up the trip over 2 days to preserve your sanity – and your safety!

2. Try To Eat Well With Healthy Snacks & Avoid Fast Food

Bring along some healthy snacks to keep your energy up, such as trail mix, protein bars, jerky, and whole grain crackers or pretzels. Skip fatty and unhealthy snacks like potato chips, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

In addition, we recommend avoiding fast food. Eating at a sit-down restaurant is a nice break from the road, and you’ll usually be able to find healthier options. Do a bit of research in advance, and find a few restaurants you’d like to try on your route!

3. Give Yourself And Your Family Some Entertainment

If you have kids, make sure they have activities to do to keep them occupied, such as puzzle books, video games, movies loaded onto a tablet, or anything else they love to do.

Don’t forget about yourself or your partner, either. We recommend audio entertainment like audiobooks or podcasts to keep you occupied and entertained during your long trip! Making a road trip playlist is also a great option.

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