Storage in Transit for a Smooth Relocation

American Movers is pleased to offer you storage in transit services to help make your relocation experience run smoothly and efficiently. When does one need storage in transit services? This kind of service is useful when you need to get your items stored for a short term period, while you await for your new home/office to be ready for your items. Storage in transit can be really helpful when, for instance, your new home is being maintained and isn’t ready for you to occupy yet. With short-term storage, your items are stored in a mobile container, meaning that they can easily be brought over to any location in the nick of time. In situations like that, it’s best to turn to America’s leading moving and storage company: American Movers.

Short Term Storage

Dependable Storage in Transit Services by American Movers

Temporary storage services can certainly make your move easier. Many times, folks find themselves in situations in which their current address needs to be vacated, and yet their new home/apartment/condo/office is not ready for them yet due to construction, legal issues or any other reason. That’s when you can turn to American Movers. We can schedule a timely pickup and delivery for you, and keep your items safe for as many days as you need. If you realize you need to extend your storage unit rent time, that too can be arranged. Our storage facilities are spacious, securely locked, impeccably clean and easily accessible. Please give us a call today so we can arrange your storage in transit service.

Storage in Transit to the Rescue!

Don’t feel stressed about the thought of finding a place to store all your things during a transitional phase. Take advantage of our affordable, reliable storage in transit services. We have storage facilities located in strategic areas all over the tri-state region, as well as in other areas. Storage in transit services can really come to the rescue for you in times in which you happen to find yourself in possession of furniture, a piano, artwork, kitchen appliances etc, and, temporarily, with nowhere to put them! Please call us today about storage in transit. We will tell you more about how it works and offer you a no-obligation estimate.

Why American Movers for Your Storage in Transit Needs?

When it comes to storage in transit, it’s key to choose the experts. We bring you numerous advantages, which is why it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing us for their storage needs. Below are the advantages we bring you:

1 Safety First
The key to high quality professional storage services is security. We keep your belongings safe with our sophisticated security system which includes security personnel, locked gates, surveillance cameras, storage unit locks and more.

2 Climate-Control
Although we can’t control global climate, we can control the climate in your storage units. We know how sensitive artwork, electronics and antiques are, so we make sure to keep them safe by regulating the temperature and moisture levels in your storage unit.

3 Competitive Prices
Storage in transit shouldn’t drain your wallet; indeed, our storage in transit services are competitively priced so that you can stay within your budget.

4 Expertise
As one of the leading moving and storage companies, we offer you extensive expertise when it comes to all things moving and storage. We can support you on multiple levels as you go through the relocation journey.