What You Need to Know About Interstate and Long Distance Moving from New Jersey to Chicago IL

Moving to Chicago can be an exciting change, whether you are moving for personal reasons or pursuing a professional or educational goal. Chicago is a city full of attractions, events and festivals, history and culture, and plenty of job opportunities, as well as some of the best schools in the country.

But, interstate moving can be a big operation, especially if you have to ship a large volume of items, or fragile ones like fine art, musical instruments, or electronics. Hiring experienced long-distance movers is highly recommended, as it gives you the guarantee that your goods will be handled properly, secured, and insured.

Why Hire Professionals for the Job?

When it comes to interstate moving, there are many factors to take into account so that everything goes smoothly.

If you have never had experience with such a move, doing it yourself can be risky and cost you time, money, or even your belongings if something goes very wrong.

It’s best to hire pro movers for the job for various reasons, such as:

  • They have a strong logistics network they can use
  • They can estimate costs, timing, and other conditions based on their previous experience
  • Can reduce costs by shipping items from multiple clients at once
  • Their drivers are pros and know all the regulations of the states they travel through
  • You can get discounts and special offers during less busy times of the year
  • They are insured and can compensate you in case anything goes wrong

What to Tell Your Movers When Requesting a Quote

Before you start calling moving companies, be sure you have a few details already established, so that you can get reliable price estimates.

Tell the contact person where you are moving to and where should your items be picked up from. Settle a date for the move and let them know if it’s flexible or not, as better options could be available.

Specify if any items need special handling or if you need extra services, like packing, unpacking, or a move planned and done from A to Z. Ask what you will be charged for (road fees, fixed fees, cost per mile.)

Compare quotes from more companies before settling for the one that best fits your needs.

Do You Need to Move from New Jersey to Chicago?

If you already decided to take this step, hire the best long distance movers in New Jersey, American Movers Inc. Call directly or fill in a simple online form and you will get a free, reliable quote for your big move.

We offer long-distance moves for families, private individuals, companies, the Army, and so on. We will be on time and get your belongings safely to your new door in the shortest time possible. Contact our friendly team and let us deal with your move while you focus on more interesting aspects of your relocation.