Long Term Storage That’s Always There for You

On numerous occasion, we may find ourselves thinking, “if only I had more storage space!” Well, at American Movers, we provide you with the ultimate storage solutions for your everyday storage needs. Beyond the scope of moving, we offer you long term storage that’s dependably there for you whenever you need it. Whether you are looking to declutter, or just keep things you don’t need every day in a protected place outside your home or office, we’ll be there for you to provide you with the reliable long term storage services you seek.

Short Term Storage

Long term Storage: A Cost Effective, Convenient Solution

Long term storage can actually be a money-saving solution for some folks who are on the search for a new home. For example, by taking advantage of our long term storage services, you can opt for a less expensive apartment that doesn’t offer much storage space, rather than choosing the expensive apartment that does offer a lot of storage space. Also, if you are thinking of downsizing, and yet would prefer to not sell or give away some of your items, then you can put them in storage for as long as you need, and then access them at any point. Long term storage can also be a great solution for families who want to put aside items such as furniture, to be used later on when the kids grow up and move out.

The Professionalism You Demand When It Comes to Long Term Storage

When it comes to long term storage, there are two key things to look for: Security and accessibility. We are proud that our storage facilities are highly secure; we have 24 hour surveillance cameras in operation, dedicated and trained security personnel on guard, fresh new locks on our storage vaults, electric security gates encompassing out facilities, and fire alarms and response systems in place. Meanwhile, the storage vaults themselves are renovated, clean and grant you the ultimate climate control. Indeed, when it comes to storing sensitive items such as art work, it’s key to control the temperature and moisture level of your storage space. Whether you are looking to store just a few seasonal items, numerous pieces of furniture, documents, or anything else, count on us to keep it all protected. At your request, we can easily deliver you any items you wish to take out of storage.

The Top Reasons for Choosing American Movers for Long Term Storage

We know that it can be stressful to find the perfect company that will deliver you the long term services you seek. After all, it means parting with your precious assets, and entrusting them into the hands of other people. But with American Movers, you can rest assured that we invest the best resources into our storage services, and that we pour our care and thoughtfulness into every item we store, to ensure that it is optimally protected.

Below are just a few of the reasons more and more people come to prefer us for long term storage services:

1 Security
The most important aspect of our storage facilities is the security apparatus that we have set in place to guarantee you the highest level of security. Don’t risk losing or damaging your assets by compromising with a less reputable or less professional storage company; guarantee yourself security by choosing American Movers.

2 Convenience and Promptness
Another important factor, when it comes to long term storage, is convenience and promptness, since you want to be able to enjoy easy and quick access to your goods every day of the year. Here at American Movers, we offer you quick delivery rates and easily accessible storage facilities.

3 Cleanliness and Climate Control
A filthy storage environment can wreak havoc on your possessions, especially if you’re storing musical instruments, electronics or fine art. Fortunately, our storage units are kept impeccably clean and fresh, and the climate regulation system in each unit ensures that no mold, mildew or like problems arise.

4 Cost-Effectivity
Our reasonable rates make long term storage a great investment. Plus, it’s inexpensive to alter your rental agreement, for example, if the volume of items you wish to store changes.

5 Friendly, Helpful Staff
Our dedicated staff members are friendly, communicative, and happy to help with any concerns that may arise. You can call us anytime, and expect your concerns to be fully address in a prompt manner.