Moving in the Snow

Interstate Moving From NJ To California – How To Make Your Cross-Country Move Easier

Moving from NJ to California isn’t easy. Moving you, your family, and your stuff thousands of miles to your new home can be an immense source of stress. Wondering how you can reduce stress throughout the process of long-distance moving? Here are a few of our top tips.

1. Plan As Far Ahead As Possible

You may not always have a lot of notice if you are moving from NJ to California – particularly if it’s for a job at a new company – but you should still try to plan ahead as much as possible. 4-8 weeks is usually plenty of time to work out the details without feeling completely stressed out.

2. Secure Housing Right Away

If you don’t know where you’re going to live after you move, you’ll feel even more stressed out during the planning process. If at all possible, make sure you secure a rental or purchase a new home in California well in advance of your move.

This ensures you have peace of mind – and also helps you avoid additional costs like storing your stuff in a storage unit or staying in a hotel or Airbnb while looking for housing in California.

3. Hire Movers Instead Of Trying A DIY Move

A DIY cross-country move may involve loading and unloading a truck on your own or with the help of just a few people – and you’ll have to rent a truck and drive it thousands of miles across the country, which complicates things quite a bit.

Hiring long distance movers is a much faster and simpler way to make your move, particularly if you have a large home and a lot of stuff. Your movers will handle the entire process of loading up your stuff, driving it to California, and unloading at your new home.

4. Fly Instead Of Driving, And Ship Your Car

Driving from Newark to San Francisco is a nearly 3,000 mile road trip – which will take 43 hours of non-stop driving. With meals, bathroom breaks, and sleep, it could still take you up to 3 days to make the trip, and it will likely take much longer. The cost of gas, meals, and hotel stays can add up, too!

It may be simpler to simply ship your car to your new home using a car shipping service, and fly to avoid this road trip. You’ll spend a few hours in an airplane – as opposed to a few days in a car!

Hire Us To Simplify Your Move From New Jersey To California!

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