Advice for College Grads Moving to New York City

Graduating college next month and planning on moving to New York City? Congratulations! New York is an exciting, dynamic place to start a career. But, the very things that make it so full of potential for young professionals can also make it hard to navigate for first-timers: It’s large, busy, and competitive, but with some courage, patience, and persistence, you can make it home. Here’s our advice for college grads moving to New York.

Check out the neighborhoods before committing.

New York truly has something for everyone, but because it’s so large it can take a while to figure out where you fit it. That’s why, if it’s at all possible, spend a weekend, a week, or even a month in the city before you commit to a location. If you’re only there for a weekend, visit neighborhoods in different boroughs to help you narrow down where you might like to live most. If you have a longer amount of time (if you can stay with a relative or friend, or find a sublet) spend your time exploring as much as you can – take the train to different areas to get a feel for public transportation and your daily commute, visit different apartment buildings, eat at local cafes, get a day-pass for a fitness center in the area, shop at the grocery store — all of these things will help you get a sense of the community.

Put your things in storage.

If you’re transitioning between college and New York, instead of shipping everything back to your parents house only to have to send it to the city a few weeks or months later, arrange to have your belongings put in storage in New York while you get settled in. This will save time and money in the long run, and take the pressure off if you want to explore the area a bit first before you settle into a new place. Many moving companies (including American Movers) can arrange to have your belongings picked up at your university and brought to New York for storage.

Get the Right Help.

Hiring the right people to help with your move can make all the difference in your successful transition. Instead of going it alone on your apartment search, hire a broker or leasing agent to help you. They’ll be able to assess your budget, lifestyle, and job location to come up with a list of places you’ll like. When it comes to your actual move-in day, a moving service that knows New York is essential. Experienced movers will be able to help you navigate everything from street parking permits to getting your queen sized bed up the stairs of a fifth-floor walkup.

Good luck with your move, and if you need help, get in touch with American Movers or request a free quote here.



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