Interstate Moving Services You Can Rely On

American Movers is a leading interstate relocation company. Whether you are looking to move to a bordering state or to the opposite coast, we can take care of every aspect of your move. From packing to delivery and unpacking, we cover every dimension of the move and ensure that you enjoy the highest level of professionalism. We have worked tirelessly around the clock to become America’s most trusted interstate moving company. We respond to every client with efficiency, dedication, integrity and flexibility. Don’t settle for anything less — call us now to start planning your interstate move with one of our consultants.

America’s Dependable Interstate Moving Company

With American Movers, you enjoy the ultimate flexibility, promptness and value. With us, your move is facilitated by a network of moving agents that spans the whole of the United States. Wherever you go — from the beaches of California to the forests of Main, you know you can rely on us to support you through. We ensure your move is successful by planning and carefully executing the sequencing of your relocation, and we use highly durable equipment and sophisticated crating techniques to make sure that your assets are protected at every step in the journey.

Comprehensive Services, The Right Price

Everyone is unique — and so is everyone’s move! We fully customize our moving services so that they are tailor-fitted to each customer. We never just hand you a pre-set moving deal; rather, we invite you to customize the experience so that it’s perfect for you. We will fit into your budget and schedule, and provide you with as little or as many additional services as you request — such as packing, installation, storage services and more. We’re flexible with regards to your needs — but never flexible when it comes to quality. Indeed, we guarantee both residential and commercial clients interstate moving services of the highest caliber. So, start gearing up for your new home state, and give us a call now so we can take you there!

The American Movers Advantage – Interstate Moving

As one of the oldest moving companies in America, American Movers has, since its founding in 1916, built a reputation associated with excellence and professionalism. With us, you can enjoy the moving services of America’s most trusted name in moving and storage, while at the same time meeting your budget.

Below are just a few more of the reasons to choose American Movers:

1 Flexibility
We can go the whole 9 yards and do all your packing, unpacking, and installation for you, or you can pick and choose whatever services suit you. At American Movers, we grant you the ultimate flexibility.

2 Value
We offer you high quality services that thousands of Americans have already enjoyed. We never cut corners, and always deliver you the exceptional moving services you demand.

3 Professionalism
We come equipped with the latest equipment, and our movers are rigorously trained in handling even the trickiest moves (say, moving a grand piano through a tight staircase). We will handle everything you need, and deliver you the successful move you seek.

4 Experience
At the end of the day, experience is what can make all the difference in the moving industry. We have conducted hundreds of thousands of moves over the last several decades, and our supreme record speaks for itself.