Antique Moving – New Techniques for Ancient Pieces

We know how precious your antiques undoubtedly are to you. Whether its a family heirloom or something your purchased, it’s crucial that you keep it safe by hiring the most experienced and proficient movers. Each type of antique requires its own special care, and our movers recognize this and act accordingly. We serve both commercial antique deals and residential folks, and we conduct local, national, and international antique relocations. Please get in touch with us now to consult with one of our antique relocation professionals.

Antique Moving

Comprehensive Antique Moving Services You Can Depend On

We go to great lengths to ensure the safekeeping of your heirlooms and antiques. We appreciate how valuable and irreplaceable they are, and thus we strive to minimize all threats throughout the relocation. We have the professional resources, training and systems in place to conduct relocations of every scale. We can relocate large furniture pieces, paintings, clocks, mirrors and much more. We also offer you professional glassware and breakables moving services. Every step–from the packing to the delivery, cleaning and arrangement–can be taken care of by our movers.

Dedicated Professional Antique Movers

Your antiques deserve a great degree of care and attention, and that’s exactly what we are pleased to give them. What with the sentimental value associated with heirlooms, or the monetary value attached to antiques, these high value pieces should be entrusted to no one but the top moving professionals. Our skill, equipment, and experience bring you a successful antique moving experience. The degree of care we put into the wrapping and transportation process means that the risk factor is minimized. We fully inspect your antiques both before and after the move, and communicate with you throughout the moving process.

Why Choose American Movers for Your Antique Relocation?

When it comes to antiques, even the slightest mishap can lead to disaster. That’s why it’s imperative that you choose a moving company that is trustworthy and reputable. We bring you the following advantages when moving your antiques:

1 Experience
Back when we began moving in 1916, we well might have been moving what today we classify as an antique! With nearly ten decades worth of experience under our belts, we bring you the most reliable antique moving services on the market.

2 Protection
Using advanced techniques and equipment, we keep your antiques protected. We know that even the slightest scratch detracts from the value of your antique, which is why we do everything possible, without ever cutting corners, to keep your assets safe.

3 Customization
When it comes to your antique move, we believe that you should be able to customize certain aspects of it. That’s why we offer you a great degree of flexibility when planning out your ideal antique relocation.

4 Competitive Price Guarantee
While we do invest a great deal of time and resources into your antique move, and our prices reflect this, we are still able to offer you reasonable rates for antique moving.