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American Movers COVID-19 Response

Over the past century, American Movers of New Jersey has faced a number of catastrophic challenges alongside our friends, neighbors, client and colleagues.  Once again we are facing what is potentially a devastating crisis. We are keeping calm and you can rest assured the safety of our employees and clients is as always our top […]

How to Prepare Your Home for an Open House

If you’re in the process of selling your home you can probably expect to have at least one open house, where both real estate agents and potential buyers have are given the chance to walk through your home without scheduling an appointment. While open houses will typically draw a lot of people who might be […]

6 Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

Most of us only move a few times in our lives … which means if you’re planning a move, you probably don’t consider yourself an expert on the process. Educating yourself on moving lingo, what to expect from a move, and what questions to ask your moving company can not only help you feel more informed […]

How to Save Money on Your Move

Moving is one of life’s most expensive events. There’s down payments checks to write, furniture to buy, and movers to hire. If you’re looking for ways to cut moving costs without cutting corners, here are a few ways you can save money on your move. Move during the “off season.” From a cost standpoint, the fall, […]

A Complete Guide To Moving in New York City

Moving in New York City is no small feat. Not only is the housing market competitive for both renters and buyers, but there are details to navigate that that come with co-op boards to please, elevator times to reserve (or five flights of stairs to haul boxes down), parking restrictions to navigate, If you’re currently planning a move in […]

5 Tips for Moving When It’s Cold Out

Moving during the winter has a lot of upsides: less competition for homes and apartments, “off-season” deals on moving services, and spending your weekends packing without worrying that you’re wasting precious summer weather. However, moving when it’s cold out also has its own set of challenges — like unexpected snow, slippery driveways, and below-freezing temps. Here’s how to prepare for a mid-winter […]

Living in New Jersey: The Pros and Cons

Recently, we cam across a survey by Wallet Hub listing the best and worst real estate markets in the country based on criteria like housing cost, foreclosure rate, home price as a percent of income, and more. After living and working in New Jersey and New York for decades, we weren’t shocked to see that […]