Library Moving Services You’ll Want to Keep Reading About

Relocating a library demands the know-hows of a top-tier moving company that has the experience, skill and equipment for the job. We have been proudly moving libraries for decades, treating each and every one of your books and assets with deep care and skill. From classics to sci-fi, and romance novels to magazines, we’re looking forward to moving all your books successfully. Moving a library is certainly a complex project that should be entrusted to the professionals who can properly coordinate and execute it. We can make your library relocation a light, pleasant story. Avoid ending up with a library move that ends being a horror-story; hire the dependable professionals at American Movers. Please contact us now for a quote and for consultation.

Library Moving

From Shelf to Shelf in Perfect Order

Whether you need to move a private collection, or else looking to relocate a large scale public library, we will ensure that every step in the relocation sequence runs as planned. We operate using high quality moving equipment and impeccably clean trucks to transport books, equipment, furniture and more to your new premises. When it comes to library moving, organization and precision are key. The team utilizes proper labeling and color coding techniques to keep your collection thoroughly organized throughout the journey. Whether you are moving your library within the same town or to another state, we can make it a simple procedure, as we operate both domestically and internationally. Your moving plan is custom-fit to your library’s particular needs, and everything is prepared in advance to eliminate any risks.

A Summary of Our Library Moving Services

When it comes to library moving, few can boast the kind of experience we have; indeed, we have been in operation since 1916. We have the know-hows, tools and work ethic needed to map your collection, create a space plan for the new location, take down and reinstall your shelving, relocate your books, technical documents, art and media collections, file rooms, rare book collections and specialty collections, audio visual equipment and microphones, monographs, furniture, office equipment and more without disrupting the flow of your activities. Please get in touch with us now to begin planning your library relocation.

Why Us for Your Library Collection Relocation?

Library relocation should be left to the relocation experts. Choose the dependable library relocation services offered by American Movers to guarantee yourself the smoothest possible move. We offer you the following advantages:

1 Precision
We utilize a highly dependable system for planning, sorting, and organizing your collection so as to preserve the order and integrity of each book we move. Each of your items is handled with great care, so that it arrives safely at its new location.

2 Commitment to You
We work diligently to ensure that your needs are always met. We provide you with an extensive support network and prompt, courteous customer services that carries out your exact specifications.

3 Expertise
Our team is experienced and highly trained. We are prepared to relocated libraries of any scale and to any location, and we yield the best results in every project we take on.

4 Customization
We optimize your library’s relocation so that it is cost effective, space optimizing and time effective, so you can open up your doors to readers as soon as possible.