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Interstate Moving From NJ To Pennsylvania: What Do I Need To Know About PA?

Whether you’re moving for school, work, or family or personal reasons, interstate moving from NJ to Pennsylvania is a big change. Wondering what you should know before you hire interstate movers and begin the process of moving to PA? Find out!

1. Gas Is Expensive (And You Can Pump It Yourself!)

You may think Jersey gas is pricey – but New Jersey has nothing on Pennsylvania. PA has the highest gas tax (currently 58.7 cents per gallon) of any U.S. state, including states known for high gas prices like California and Hawaii.

Also, you can pump your gas yourself! Unlike New Jersey, gas station attendants are pretty much unheard of in most areas of Pennsylvania, so pump-it-yourself gas is the standard.

2. The Weather Is Similar To New Jersey

Overall, the climate of New Jersey is similar to PA – particularly if you’re comparing a city like Philadelphia, which borders NJ. The weather changes a bit further west, but is still comparable. Overall, PA tends to get a bit less snow, but overall precipitation, seasonal weather changes, and other weather conditions are similar.

3. There Are A Lot Of Toll Roads In PA

PA has 508.2 miles of toll roads – that’s the fourth-most toll roads in the US, behind only Florida, Oklahoma, and New York. The Pennsylvania Turnpike, in particular, is famed for its high tolls. Expect to use your GPS quite a bit to find alternate routes if you want to save on tolls after your long distance move to PA from NJ!

4. Cost Of Living In PA Is Much Lower Than In NJ

Overall, the cost of living in most PA cities is lower than NJ cities like Newark and Atlantic City. As an example, the cost of living in Princeton, NJ is almost 48% more than living in Philadelphia, PA.

In some cases, the cost of living within major cities like Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania is comparable to larger NJ cities, but suburbs and more rural areas tend to be quite a bit cheaper to live in PA.

5. There’s A Lot To Do Throughout The State

PA has 121 state parks and 26 national parks, a deep history that traces back to the beginning of the US, and major cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with museums, sports teams, and any other recreational opportunity you could want. After you’re done with interstate moving and have settled in, you’ll have a lot to do in your new home state!

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