Interstate Moving From NJ To Texas – Making Your Move With Pets

Interstate moving can be stressful if you’re moving with pets. If you’re making a move from NJ to Texas, you may be wondering how to keep your furry friends safe and happy throughout the process. Get a few helpful tips and tricks below!

1. Keep Them Safe During Moving Day

When your interstate movers arrive to load up your stuff, make sure to keep your dog or cat in a crate or a room with a solid, lockable door to make sure they don’t run around underfoot, or accidentally get outside. Give them food, a comfortable bed, a few of their favorite toys, and other things to keep them comfortable and reduce stress during the big day.

2. Stay Organized While You Pack Up Their Stuff

When packing for your long distance move from NJ to Texas, pack your pet’s stuff up separately, and label the boxes with their stuff so that you can easily access it and start setting up your pet’s items in your new home once you arrive in Texas.

3. Plan Your Pet’s Method Of Transportation To Texas

There are only two options for sending your pet to Texas. You can either drive to Texas with your pet in your car, or you can fly. Driving may be the best option if you have a pet that does not like air travel, but you’ll likely need to find a pet-friendly hotel, since driving from NJ to Texas will be a multi-day road trip.

You can also fly with your pet. Smaller cats and dogs may be brought as carry-ons, or you may have to check a crate with your pet. Make sure you give them what they need to feel as safe and comfortable as possible when traveling by air – this guide from AAA will be helpful during your trip.

4. Keep The Essentials With You When Traveling With A Pet

You should make sure you have some food or treats, a collapsible water bowl, any medications your pet needs, and any other supplies you need when traveling with your pet – either on a road trip, or by air. This ensures you can always meet your furry friend’s needs and keep them comfortable during the trip.

Ready To Make Your Move From NJ To Texas? Turn To American Movers

At American Movers, we help families of all walks of life with long distance moving from NJ to Texas. If you have pets, we’ll make sure to get their important stuff to your new home safely, along with your other possessions. We know that moving with pets is not easy – so we take care of moving your household goods so you can keep your pet safe and happy! Contact us now to get a free quote for your move today.