International Moving Services That Will Make You Soar

International moving is an exciting, albeit not always easy experience. What with new languages to learn and new cultures to acclimate to, the process can be demanding. While we may not be able to help you learn Italian or Chinese, there is certainly one aspect of your international move that you can count on us for: The relocation or your assets. We bring you decades upon decades of experience in international moving, and we ensure that every step of the move goes as plan. Don’t risk any mishaps with your international move–turn to American Movers so we can bring all the pieces together and ensure you a wonderful international moving experience. Please fill out the quote form or contact us now to start planning!

International Moving With a Global Vision

Visiting another country as a tourist is one thing; moving there is a whole other business. We understand how much there is to do when moving to another country–completing the paperwork, familiarizing yourself with the local community, customs and geography, and so much more. In today’s globalized world, international moving has become more common and somewhat easier to coordinate. We work with our partners abroad to ensure you a flawless coordination model with multiple points of contact and support. Don’t risk ending up having your furniture shipped to Hong Kong, your appliances to Toronto, and your electronics to London. Well, even if this is an exaggeration, accidents definitely do occur with less experienced movers. That’s why it is absolutely key to choose the established mover you can trust: American Movers.

The Internationally Acclaimed Experts

Whether you plan on shipping over your property by sea or air, we want to make sure that everything is securely packed, and that coordination teams on both ends are fully prepared for you. We have conducted hundreds of overseas moves in the last couple of decades alone, so we know how to properly crate high value assets like artwork, pianos, electronics, antiques and more. If you are planning on relocating your car or boat, trust us to manage its relocation efficiently. Our expert team of movers and logistics coordinators will take care of every aspect of your move–from sorting and packing, all the way to delivery, unpacking and installation. We have served commercial and residential clients alike, successfully moving them to new homes and offices around the world.

Take Full Advantage of Our International Moving Services

With American Movers, you can focus on what lies ahead, rather than get entangled in the logistics of moving. Highly experienced in international moving, American Movers can take care of every aspect of your international move. We adhere to the highest standards of quality, and have successfully moved both residential and large scale commercial companies abroad or brought them to the US.

Below are just some of the reasons to choose American Movers for your upcoming international relocation:

1 Experience
Few moving companies boast the kind of experience that American Movers has. We have moved hundreds upon hundreds of residential and commercial clients around the world, ensuring that every step in the process is handled perfectly.

2 Outstanding Coordination
We work closely with our partners abroad to facilitate a smoothly coordinated international move for you.

3 OEquipment & Resources
Operating using ultra high grade moving equipment, our movers expertly handle your property with great care during the relocation process.

4 Customizability
Every international move we conduct is special and unique. This is why we always customize most aspects of our moving services, and cater to each customer’s preferences.