Short Term Storage Services by the Storage Experts

You never know when the need for short term storage may arise, but it sure can come in handy in various situations. Whenever you find yourself in need of a secure place to store your items short term, you can turn to the reliable professionals at American Movers. With hundreds of storage facilities across the country, we serve thousands of satisfied customers every year, easing any stress they may have during transitional periods, or else lending them a helping hand when they need it. If you are looking to store your items–be it just a couple pieces of furniture or a whole house full of items–we’re here for you. Please give us a call anytime to learn more, and please feel free to fill out the quote form to get started.

Short Term Storage

Cost-Effective Storage Spaces for Every Phase in Life

If you’re planning on renovating your home or if you’re thinking of moving, then it’s a great idea to take advantage of our storage services. We can keep every one of your items safe for as many weeks as you need, and then deliver them back to you at your request. Or, if you’re renting an apartment, and thinking of traveling before settling into a new place, just put all your things in storage and take them back when you’re ready to move into a new place. In cases of emergency, such as natural disasters, we offer folks prompt, inexpensive storage services that keep their items safe for weeks. With our temporary storage services, you can get into the rhythm of normal life without feeling burdened by displaced belongings. Indeed, Americans continue to depend on our reliable short term storage services in times of change or crisis.

The Convenience and Security You Need When It Comes to Short Term Storage

When your assets are at stake, it’s key to choose a storage provider that will keep your items safe, and that will grant you the level of convenience you seek. At American Movers, we are proud of the fact that our storage units are protected with state of the art security systems. With 24 hour surveillance cameras and crew on guard, durable locks in place on each storage unit, fire alarm and fire management systems installed and more, we bring risks to the absolute minimum, and dedicate ourselves to the safekeeping or your assets. Our storage vaults are professionally cleaned, and offer you climate regulation so that you can be sure that no issues arise due to mildew or mold. From musical instruments to electronic devices, we keep your assets dependably safe. Learn more about our short term storage services; please get in touch with us today to get started.

The Advantages of Our Short Term Storage Services

When looking to find a place to temporarily store your assets, it’s imperative that you hire a storage provider that’s reputable and responsible. Below are some of the top reasons to choose American Movers:

1 Security and Cleanliness
We go to great lengths to ensure that your storage units are clean and secure for your belongings. We have invested in the most advanced security technology for your protection, and have trained and prepared our employees so that they can effectively secure our storage facilities.

2 Flexible Leases
We can accommodate every type of self-storage need, so whether you are looking to store just a few items or everything you own, count on us. We offer week-to-week or month-to-month storage leases for your convenience.

3 Friendly Staff
Our communicate staff is always happy to assist you and to address your concerns. Have general inquiries about storage? Have concerns about pickup or delivery? You can always contact us and receive a prompt, courteous response.

4 Convenient Storage Access
Our facilities are designed and situated such that you can easily gain access to your belongings any day of the week, or have them delivered to you at your request.