Unpacking Services That Get You Going

You just moved in and all your stuff is in your new home or office! Now begins the lengthy unpacking process. To save yourself a great deal of time and to avoid back pain, hire us to do all of your unpacking for you. We can complete the unpacking process quickly, efficiently, and carefully–and at a very reasonable rate. Take advantage of our reliable, time and cost-effective unpacking services today. Call us to learn more about how we can best serve you.


American Movers Unpacks Your Items for a Smooth Move-in Experience

We are pleased to offer you efficient, reliable and affordable unpacking services. By hiring us to unpack your goods once they have been moved to your new home or office, you can save a great deal of time and even money, since we will do the unpacking job carefully, and minimize any possible risk to your assets. If you have a busy schedule and/or kids to take care of, then let us spare you the time and stress of unpacking. Indeed, unpacking takes hours upon hours of labor, so don’t let your boxes sit unopened for weeks and don’t stress about finding the time to unpack. Hire us for a quick, smooth unpacking job.

How We Unpack at American Movers

We will gladly unpack everything you would like us to. We will carefully unpack the boxes and packages you request, unwrap the items within, and keep a record of the state of all your possessions. We can install and wipe down your furniture, before placing items on it in whatever arrangement you specify. We can organize the kitchen cabinets and linen closets, all the while keeping everything clean and neat. Once we are through, we can clean the area and take away all the packing materials. Indeed, we’re not just professional movers–we’re also professional organizers. We can utilize your space in the most effective manner, and jumpstart your new life at your new home or office on an organized note.

Why Pick Us for Your Unpacking Needs?

Avoid leaving all those boxes sitting around for weeks and eating pizza due to lack of cooking ware. Let us get the unpacking job done quickly so you can get back to business as usual in your new home or office.

Here are the top reasons why it is a very good idea to hire us to do your unpacking:

1 Saves Time
We save you a whole lot of time by unpacking for you. In addition, we do things like furniture installation and wipe-downs, so that your home or office will be ready for everyday living in no time!

2 We’re Efficient
As professional organizers, we have refined the unpacking process down to a science. We’re quick and efficient at unpacking everything, and arranging it as desired around your home or office.

3 We’re Careful and Skilled
Our team is composed of professional organizers who can carefully arrange your property, and get your life into full swing again. We will carefully listen to all your need and concerns, and subsequently follow through on them.

4 Affordable
Best of all, we don’t charge you a small fortune for our unpacking services, as some companies do. The price of course depends on the volume of items in need of unpacking, so get in touch with so we can give you an estimate.