Interstate and Long Distance Moving from New Jersey to Columbus, OH

Are you planning on relocating to Columbus, Ohio? Whether it’s for personal reasons or a new job opportunity, this fast-growing city will welcome you with affordable living, a hospitable community, and plenty of nature to enjoy all around. You won’t miss New Jersey for too long after being part of this colorful, yet charming city.

Checklist for Long Distance Moving

To help you go through this process, we at American Movers have put together a basic guide for long-distance moving. Here are the main steps you should take:

Decide what you’re gonna take with

It’s simple: the more items you will have to transport to Columbus, the more expensive it’s going to be. If your budget is tight, you can go through a thorough selection process and donate or sell what seems to be taking place in your house without being used or enjoyed.

Another option you have is to store items in the short-term or long-term if you can’t part with them.

Research moving companies

Don’t bargain with quality. Even if you need to find an affordable moving service, it doesn’t mean that you should go with the cheapest one you can find on the market, as it often means you take big risks that they wouldn’t cover.

Make sure you work with certified, licensed, and insured companies.

Handle insurance and documents

There is a lot of paperwork to be done when moving interstate from New Jersey to Columbus, OH, so don’t leave it at the last minute. Here is a document checklist that the DMV can create for you.


When packing, use the right materials, like sturdy boxes, blankets, cling tape, bubble wrap, etc. Depending on the items you have to move, you have more or less work packing. You can rent packing materials from moving companies and let them handle the packing for you, two services we offer at American Movers.

Request a Free Quote

Once you have an inventory of your things (estimative), moving date, and the destination, contact us and request a free quote from American Movers. You will have a clear idea of the costs and what services might fit you best, and you can easily book the movers for the big date.