Document and Record Storage for the Ultimate Protection

Chances are, you have a busy schedule, and the last thing you want to worry about is keeping your documents safe. In today’s high-pace businesses environment, more and more professionals are opting to keep their documents off-site in secure storage facilities of the type offered by American Movers. Indeed, what with rent prices rising, and the need for additional storage space growing, professional document storage has come to address a serious demand. If you are looking for a safe place to store your documents for any given period of time, look no further; American Movers offers you convenient, secure and effective document storage services. Call us today or fill out the quote form to get started.

Document Storage

Outsource Document Storage Responsibilities To the Leader in the Storage Sector

We specialize in providing commercial and residential clients with high quality storage services. When you choose us, you can be certain that your regulatory compliances and document retention are being managed in a reliable manner. We offer you secure vaults in which to store and organize your key documents and media backup. Our security facilities are convenient for you to access at any point, and advanced security apparatuses are in place for your protection. Our facilities offer you complete climate regulation, and are kept impeccably clean.

Security and Convenience That Meets Your Document and Record Storage Demands

Here at American Movers, we have been expertly handling our clients’ critical documents for some ten decades, and we have developed the most efficient and secure means of storing and organizing sensitive documents. When you store your critical documents, files and records with us, there is no hassle in retrieving your items, and you can easily take out or add items to your storage unit. Each and every one of your boxes has a bar code and is linked to a database that manages your inventory. Thus, we can quickly locate specific documents and deliver them to you, and then, subsequently, re-file them. Our advanced software system records the details of every retrieval–the who, when and what. Of course, our top notch inventory system reflects your own filing system.

The Advantages of Choosing American Movers for Your Document Storage Needs

No matter the volume of documents you wish to store, we can protect every item you need, and grant you access to your paper documents and media files every day of the week. All it takes is calling our document storage center, or securely logging in online, and you can find everything you need. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your documents are safe and organized.

1 Security
Our secured, climate controlled storage vaults grant you the ultimate document and media protection. We have extensive theft, fire, and natural disaster measures in place for your security.

2 Technology
With our advanced database retrieval system, you can easily search for, find and retrieve what you are looking for.

2 Promptness
As the authorized user, you can schedule prompt document deliveries every day of the week. Your requested files can be faxed, emailed, or uploaded onto a secured server.

4 Professionalism
With American movers, your files are professionally archived and stored such that you can have complete confidence in the well being of your documents, microfilm, CDs, files and more. Our outstanding record speaks for itself.