Direct Deliver for an Expedited Moving Experience

When it comes to orchestrating your move, we only have one thing in mind: You! That said, we are pleased to offer our clients direct deliveries. Direct delivers mean that we don’t share our trucks with other clients when we serve you. We just pick up your belongings at your home or office, and then immediately embark on the journey to your new destination. Get in touch with us now to learn more about what’s included in direct delivery services.

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A Hassle Free Moving Experience with the Focus on You

A lot of companies out there may share the trucks that are used to transport your items with other clients to try to squeeze in as much as possible. Some companies out there may not even own their own moving trucks, but, rather rent them out from a third party company.

American Movers does neither.

First of all, we own our own large fleet of energy efficient moving trucks, meaning that we always have ample resources at the ready and can be at your service in no time at all. It also means that we can be flexible, and respond with ease to changes.

Second of all, American Movers offers you direct delivery services, meaning that we never use the same trucks for numerous clients. We find that truck sharing slows things down for our clients, and contributes to hassles when it comes to executing long distance moves. That’s why we’re very proud that when we bring over trucks to our clients, we’re giving them our 100 percent, undivided attention. This principle is very important to us, and it’s a testimony to the kind of dedication to customer service that we have here at American Movers.

Why Direct Delivery with American Movers?

A lot of movers out there look for ways to cut corners and squeeze in profit, and often times this comes at a cost to the client. You shouldn’t have to ever compromise on quality when it comes to your residential or commercial move. American Movers guarantees you the absolute highest quality services, and this fact is reflected in our direct delivery policy. No hassles, no hidden fees–just an honest, hard working, skilled and friend moving team. Please be in touch with us today to learn more about direct delivery, and about other aspects of our moving services.