Moving In Chatham, NJ – Tips For Moving On A Rainy Day

In a perfect world, the sun would always be shining and the weather would always be beautiful on your moving day. But we don’t live in that world – and tight moving schedules mean that some day, you may have to move in the rain.

Whether you’re attempting a DIY move or are working with NJ movers to transport your stuff in Chatham, there are some tips you may want to keep in mind in the event that it’s raining on your moving day. Read on to learn more.

1. Have A Stash Of Trash Bags Handy

Trash bags can be wrapped around some boxes, or cut open and taped around boxes, furniture, and other oddly-shaped items. This creates an inexpensive, easy-to-remove waterproof barrier that can protect your items until they’re moved from the truck into your home.

2. Wrap Upholstered And Soft Furniture With Shrink Wrap

You don’t want the rain to soak into your mattress or couch, so we highly recommend purchasing some high-strength plastic wrap or shrink wrap. In the event that it’s raining heavily, you can wrap your couch, mattress, chair, or any other upholstered furniture with shrink wrap to keep it dry.

3. Shorten Moving Distances

Back your moving truck up as closely as you can to your home or apartment building to minimize the traveling distance.

And if you have a garage or a large living room, consider moving all of your stuff into the same place, if it fits. This will stop you from tracking a lot of water, mud, and dirt throughout your home.

4. Use Cardboard To Reduce Slipping

You can use sheets of cardboard to create makeshift paths if there is an area that’s particularly wet or slippery, which will help reduce the risk of slipping and falling. You can also lay out old towels, sheets, or carpets inside your home to absorb water and mud.

5. Start With Plastic Tubs & Non-Fragile Items

You should begin by taking in any stuff that’s not susceptible to rain – such as items packed in plastic boxes, or wood furniture that can easily be wiped down. This way, it’s more likely that more vulnerable items – like electronics and upholstered items – can be transported when there’s a break in the rain, or the rain lessens in intensity.

6. Dry Your Stuff As You Go

Keep a few towels handy in your home, and wipe down any items that are damp as soon as possible to remove excess moisture. This will help you avoid mildew and water damage.

7. Unpack Immediately

If your stuff is wet, you don’t have the luxury of time. You need to unpack right away and remove items from wet cardboard boxes – otherwise, there’s a very real risk of mold and mildew.

Determine which boxes have been the most affected by moisture, and unpack the stuff within them as soon as you can.

Hire Our Local Movers In NJ – We Can Help You Move In Chatham, Rain Or Shine!

Hiring NJ movers is a great option if you want to reduce the stress of local moving in Chatham, NJ. At American Movers, our local New Jersey movers will help you with your move – rain or shine.

Even if the weather is bad, we have the right gear, the proper expertise, and dedicated moving staff who will ensure that your stuff gets into your new home safe and sound. For help moving in NJ, contact us online for a quote or give us a call at 1-800-982-0130.