Moving In Summit, NJ – 5 Common DIY Moving Injuries (And How To Avoid Them)

If you’re moving in Summit, NJ, you may be in the process of packing up your stuff and preparing for your big day. Moving can be difficult and stressful, which is why many people choose to hire local New Jersey movers in Summit.

In fact, moving can even be dangerous. There are a number of injuries that are common when moving in NJ, and it’s a good idea to stay informed and know how to avoid them. Read on to get more details from American Movers!

1. Back Injuries

Perhaps it’s not surprising that back injuries are the most common DIY moving injuries. Your back is important for heavy lifting, but you need to use proper form when lifting heavy weights.

Squat down low to the ground, and lift by straightening your legs, not your back. In addition, use common sense – know when an object is too heavy to lift on your own, and make sure you have help if it’s too heavy.

2. Broken Hands, Fingers, And Toes

To help reduce the risk of these injuries, you should wear heavy gloves and closed-toe shoes (or steel-toed boots, if you have them) on move-in day. Dropping a piece of furniture or a heavy box can cause serious damage to your hands or feet.

If you feel like your grip is slipping, stop and put the object down, take a moment, and re-adjust before you try to pick it up again.

In addition, make sure you have a clear, non-slippery walking path into your home, and communicate properly with anyone who’s helping you – particularly when carrying heavy and bulky objects like couches or tables.

3. Cuts And Scrapes

We recommend wearing a long-sleeved shirt and jeans to help reduce the risk of scrapes and cuts. Again, gloves can be helpful, because your hands are the most likely to get scraped up as you try to carry heavy, bulky objects through doorways and into your home.

4. Sprained Ankles

Work boots or other shoes with ankle support can help support and strengthen your ankles while you move. Watch your feet closely when carrying heavy and bulky items to make sure you’re placing them properly. Even a small twist or misplacement of the foot can result in a painful sprained or strained ankle. Take your time and be careful.

5. Knee Pain And Injuries

Again, proper lifting form for heavy objects is essential for eliminating knee pain. Take a look at this YouTube video for a demonstration. If you have pre-existing knee pain or damage, try to avoid lifting extremely heavy weights, or wear a knee brace to stabilize your knee.

In addition, a set of knee pads can help protect your knees if you must kneel for an extended period of time when packing or unpacking. Your knee joints are delicate, so take the proper precautions to protect them and avoid pain and discomfort.

Get Help Moving In NJ – Hire American Movers For Your Local Move In Summit!

While it’s likely that you can get through a DIY move without any injuries, why take the risk – and spend hours moving your stuff? At American Movers, our local New Jersey movers can handle the heavy lifting, and ensure your move goes smoothly.

So don’t risk your health or your sanity. Contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-982-0130 to get a quote from our local NJ movers in Summit, New Jersey – and get the help you need right away.