Moving In Westfield, NJ: Our Tips For Making A Local Move With Kids

Moving in New Jersey is stressful enough as it is. But if you have young kids, the process can be even more difficult and stressful, particularly if you have not had experience moving as a parent.

How can you make the process of a local move in Westfield, NJ easier when you have kids? In this guide from American Movers, our NJ movers will provide some top tips that may be useful as you plan your move in Westfield.

1. Try To Move In The Summer, If You Can

Kids are out of school in the summer, and typically also have fewer activities like sports and music lessons.

If at all possible, it’s a great idea to move in the summer. However, we know that there are sometimes circumstances that may require you to move without much notice, so this is not always possible.

2. Get Them Excited About Their New Home

Even if you’re just moving across town in Westfield, NJ, a move can be hard on your kids. So try to make their new home a place to look forward to – point out all of the benefits that their new home may have, like a bigger backyard, a larger playroom, access to new parks and fun activities, and so on.

This helps a new, unfamiliar environment become something that your kids will look forward to – instead of fear!

3. Involve Older Kids In The Packing Process

Kids love to feel helpful and responsible, and we highly recommend letting your kids help you with packing, when possible – particularly when you’re packing up their rooms. This can make the process a lot easier on them.

In addition, this lets you avoid packing toys and other items that your child may want easy access to before their move – you probably don’t want to have to dig through boxes to find the toy your kid wants to play with.

4. Get Your Kids Out Of The Way During Moving Day

Having a friend or family member babysit and take care of your kids during moving day is a good way to eliminate some of the stress of watching your kids while you try to load up a truck with your stuff, or ensuring they aren’t underfoot when the movers come.

5. Don’t Go It Alone – Hire A Team Of Movers To Help You

If you have a large family and a lot of stuff, you may not be able to handle the task of moving with just your spouse, or even with the help of a few friends or family members.

To make things easier, you may want to hire a moving company in New Jersey. A moving company can pick up your stuff, load it up, and transport it to your new home in a matter of hours – while a DIY move can be a multi-day affair, in some cases.

Some NJ movers even offer full-service moving – and can pack your stuff for you, then unpack it and set it up in your new home, making the process even easier.

Moving In New Jersey? Get Help During Your Westfield Move!

At American Movers, we’re the #1 NJ movers in the business – and we can help you move into your new home in Westfield. With our NJ moving services, you can focus on caring for your kids and making a smooth transition to your new home – without worrying about having to move your stuff on your own.

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