Interstate Moving From NJ To Georgia: How To Get Your Security Deposit Back When Moving

If you’re a renter moving from an NJ apartment to a Georgia home, you may be wondering how to make sure you get your security deposit back from your landlord. Long distance moving is expensive. Every dollar counts after your move – so here’s some advice that can help!

1. Read The Lease Carefully

Your lease probably outlines the basic expectations about how you should care for your apartment. For example, if it states that “small holes from hanging pictures, etc. are allowed,” then your landlord cannot legally charge you for these imperfections when you move out.

Read through your lease carefully to see what damages you may be held liable for. This ensures you can address any issues before you move out – by spackling and painting holes in the walls, for example.

2. Clean, Clean, Clean, And Clean Some More

The most common reason landlords keep some – or all – of your security deposit is because the unit was not clean when you moved out. If you’re expected to clean your apartment before you move, make sure you’re very thorough.

You can start cleaning your apartment before your interstate movers pick up your stuff to move it from NJ to Georgia. However, it’s best to do another thorough once-over after your apartment is empty – this makes it easy to clean hard-to-access areas.

3. Let Your Landlord Inspect Your Apartment Before You Move Out

If your landlord will agree to do this, have them come to your apartment a few weeks before you move from NJ to Georgia to look at your home. They can tell you about what needs to be cleaned or fixed before you move, so that you can develop a plan to take care of any potential issues.

4. Take Photos & Video Of Your Apartment After You Move Out

This is particularly important if you have roommates, but is helpful if you live by yourself, too. If a landlord inaccurately tries to claim your apartment was dirty or that there was damage to a particular part of the apartment, you can use photo and video proof to contest these claims.

5. Know Your Rights And When You Can Request Your Deposit In NJ

Under New Jersey law, your landlord must return your deposit within 30 days after your rental of the property ends. Make sure to contact your landlord before you move from NJ to Georgia to tell them your updated address so you can get your deposit back in a timely manner.

Get Help With Interstate Moving From NJ To Georgia

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