The Most Popular Day to Move is Coming Up

If you’ve ever shopped for a house or scoured for a rental, then you know that the spring and early summer and peak times for both activities. Which makes it common sense that, if it takes a few months to close on a house or get out of a lease, we’re heading into peak time for moving activity. According to a study by, in fact, we’re actually closing in on the single most popular day of the year to move for first-time movers: July 31.

most popular day to move

So what should you know if you’re planning a relocation on the most popular day to move? Here are a few last-minute, expert tips for first-timers from our staff.

Download these moving apps. There are a host of moving apps that will help you do everything from make to-do lists to remember what you packed in each box you move. Here’s a list of five of our favorite moving apps.

Plan care for kids and pets. Moving can be stressful for both children and pets. We’ve compiled tips for moving with pets and moving with kids on our blog.

Ensure your furniture is well-protected. Furniture is especially prone to damage during a move since it’s often too large to be boxed up. Protect your favorite furniture pieces during a move with these tips from our moving pros.

Know the proper etiquette. Should you tips your movers? That’s up to you, but here are some general guidelines that can help you figure out the appropriate tip for your moving service.

Learn the local laws. Before you park your moving truck in front of your apartment or hire a moving company, brush up on local rules and regulations that apply to both movers and moving companies.

For more tips and expert advice to help you survive the busiest moving day of the year, check out our American Movers blog.