Tips for Decorating Your New Home After a Move

One of the most exciting parts about a move is the chance to start fresh in a new space: get rid of the clutter from your old home, ditch things you didn’t truly love, and create a space that speaks to your style and personality. But, oftentimes, decorating a home is much easier said than done. Sometimes, your old furniture just doesn’t really work (some or style-wise) in a the new home, or maybe you’ve purchased 10 different throw pillows, only to dislike every one of them once you actually get them into your house.

So how do you solve these challenges? We’ve put together some top tips for decorating your new home, below.

1. Try a floorplanning app. Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out the best layout for your room–which wall the TV goes on in the family room, how to orient the table in the dining room, or how you can fit your king size bed and your dressers in your new bedroom. Floor planning apps (like or allow you to input the dimensions and customize the shape of your room, add in features like windows, doors, and closets, and then fill the room with furniture scaled to the size of your own. Once your design is complete, you can view it two- or three-dimensions.

2. Mix and match what you have. Maybe there’s no way you can squeeze two armchairs and a sofa into your new living room, but that extra chair might be just what you need to create a reading nook in a spare corner of your bedroom. Rethinking pieces your already own by taking them out of the context of your old home can help you make the most of your furniture, and in a way that suits your new space.

3. Get help from the pros. No, we don’t mean dropping tens of thousands of dollars on an interior designer. Thanks to a bunch of new digital interior design services (like Homepolish, Decorist, and Havenly), you can have a room professionally designed for as little as $79 per room (that includes things like the design, shopping list, paint color recommendations, etc, but not the furniture). While each service works in a slightly different way–Homepolish allows you to meet the designers in person, too–they all provide you with your own dedicated interior designer, and a room design that works with your budget and incorporates pieces you already own.

Happy decorating!

Image via Havenly