Should You Tip Your Movers?

From the barista who makes your morning latte, to the nanny who picks your kids up from school and the Uber driver who dropped you at work this morning, this day in age, we’re faced with the question of who, and how much, we should tip more than ever before. Which is why it’s not surprising when many of our customers ask us for a little clarity when it comes to whether or not they should tip their movers for a job well done. So what is the verdict?

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

The answer is: if they did a good job, then yes, you should tip your movers.

As far as how much to tip, that is up to your discretion, and dependent on how satisfactory your service was. For larger or more involved jobs, like moving a big home or estate, a corporate move, an industrial move, or a long-distance move, five to ten percent of the total job cost is considered to be a good and fair tip. For smaller jobs like apartment or standard residential moves, the tip range is typically a bit higher. In these cases, ten to twenty percent of the total move cost is sufficient. If you had more than one mover, you can expect that they will evenly divide the tip unless you specify otherwise.

Of course, it’s our hope that all of our movers provide only the most tip-worthy service!