5 Ways to Make Moving Easier in New York City

Moving is never an easy task, but it can be even harder in a big city like New York, where apartments (and doorways) are often small, streets are packed, and elevators are considered a luxury.

However, there are ways to simplify the task and make your move less stressful — it just requires a little advanced planning. Here, five of our top tips to help make moving easier in New York.

1. Research your new building. The first step to an easy move is to know all about where you’re going. Does the new building require you to reserve elevator space or move during certain hours? Is there street parking out front for a moving van? It’s also wise to measure the major doorways, stairwells, and elevators your furniture will pass through to make sure your things will actually fit in your new space.

2. Check city policies. Before you choose a move date, check NYC.gov to find out about things like street cleaning, festivals, and weather restrictions. You won’t want to move on a day where there is street cleaning on the side you’ll need to park your moving van on, or  a neighborhood festival that prevents vehicle access.

3. Only take what you need. If you’re not going to use it, why move it? Simplify your move and reduce the number of boxes you have by going through your belongings beforehand and getting rid of anything you don’t need.

4. Hire a reputable moving company. A good moving company can take away much of the stress of a move. From wrapping your furniture in protective padding, to doing all of the heavy lifting, movers take a grunt work out of the process. To be sure you’ve hired a reputable company, visit review sites like Yelp, and be sure to check if the company is licensed by emailing nymoving@dot.state.ny.us.

5. Book early. As soon as you have a date for your move, book your moving company. The best movers fill up their schedules weeks–even months–in advance, so it pays to be proactive here, especially around big moving dates like the first of the month, or college move-in weekends.

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