Who Moves the Most?

Moving is a big life change that comes with a lot of associated work, planning, and costs — and according to a study by mymovingreviews.com, it’s a change that people in some geographic areas and demographics are more willing to take on than others. So who moves the most? Here are a few of the strongest indicators.
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You live in a small space.

Not surprisingly, the bigger the home, the more likely people are to stay put. Moving a large home is larger job, that requires more work and more money than moving a smaller space. People living in larger homes are often older and have families, meaning bigger homes are typically places where people “settle down” as opposed to smaller one or two bedroom apartments. Finally, there are also more people, overall, living in smaller homes than in larger ones. The study found that in 2015, 39.08% of moves were done from one-bedroom apartments. Only 7.03% of moves, on the other hand, were done out of four-bedroom homes.

You live California, Texas, Florida, New York or New Jersey.

For the last two years in a row, these five states have had more local moves than any other states in the country.

You want to live in another state.

More proof that most people don’t take moving lightly: More than 60% of movers were planning to move out of state in 2015, meaning it’s likely a big life change like a new job, or the desire to live in a different climate or area of the country that are prompting people to leave their current homes, not just simply the need for more space or a change of scenery.

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