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5 Must Haves for Moving into a First Apartment in New York City

Moving into a first apartment in New York City? Whether you’re an intern staying for the summer, a recent college grad with a job offer in hand, or a family relocating for a career opportunity, living in New York is unlike living anywhere else. It requires a very specific set of must haves, and it pays to be prepared. Here are 5 things you won’t want to be without on moving day.

moving to a new york city apartment

Modular furniture. 

Want to know why New Yorkers love IKEA? It’s not the price, but the fact that almost everything in the store comes broken down in pieces (something people in other cities probably hate). New Yorkers loves this because it’s the easiest way to get a six foot sofa up the stairs of a six-floor walkup.

A split bedframe.

A bed can be one of the trickiest items to navigate up a winding apartment staircase. Narrow corridors and low ceiling clearance can make it virtually impossible to get a standard-sized boxspring up the staircase of a walkup. If you’re living in a prewar building, brownstone, or other antique-style space, save yourself the hassle of sleeping on the floor for the first few days in your new place and purchase a split box spring in advance.

Window treatments.

You’ll want to make sure your apartment already has them, and if it doesn’t, put them at the top of your shopping list. New York apartment buildings are built virtually on top of one another, and there’s a good chance your bedroom window and your neighbors kitchen window will look directly into one another … with about five feet of space in between.

Storage solutions. 

When you move into your new space, one of the first things that will strike you is the closet space … or lack thereof. Closet space is notoriously limited in the city, but creative thinking can give you all the room you need to get organized. A few of our favorite solutions: custom closet organizers, slimline hangers, shelf dividers, and storage furniture like ottomans, benches, and beds with built-in drawers underneath.

A good moving service.

A good New York City moving service will make your life a lot easier. For one, they’ll be a huge help in navigating the city. They’ll know which streets are one way, and which ones require permits for standing a truck. Plus, they’ll also have years of experience with the city’s apartment styles, and will know how to tackle any challenges your building might present — like moving your belongings in an elevator, or hauling them up a narrow staircase.