How to Compare Moving Companies

If you’re planning a move, there’s a good chance you’re also in the midst of conducting research on and getting quotes from possible moving companies. But when it comes to choosing who is offering the best service for the best price, how do you know which company is coming out on top? Here are four ways you should compare moving companies to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

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The most obvious factor in comparing moving companies will be the actual price of the quote you’re given. But it’s important to look beyond the bottom line on this one and investigate what each company is actually providing for the price. Note things like how many movers are included with a standard move, whether or not the company helps with packing, and what sort of insurance coverage is being offered for the price. The company with the priciest quote may also be the one offering the best service (or perhaps it’s even the opposite!).


One of the most telling indicators of the type of service you can expect from a moving company is its online reviews. Look on sites like Yelp and Angie’s List to read about past customer experiences with each company you’re considering — any reports of untrustworthy employees, lost or damaged items, or poor customer service should be taken as red flags, even if that company is offering the most competitive pricing.


All other things considered, if your top two moving companies are offering similar pricing and service levels, go with the company that’s been in business the longest. Experience means that a company has seen it all and can likely handle that narrow staircase up to your attic or navigating the streets of your busy city. It’s also an indicator that the company has had enough satisfied customers to stay in business.

Certifications and licensing.

It’s crucial to investigate whether each moving company you’re considering has proper licensing and accreditation by both locally and nationally. All professional moving services are required to be licensed by the U.S Department of Transportation and should be able to provide you with its DOT License Number, its Motor Carrier Number, and it state or local license number. American Movers provides each of these numbers at the bottom of this page.

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