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How to Plan a Temporary Move

There are lots of reasons you might be moving temporarily: Maybe you have to relocate for work for a few months, or you’re moving to help take care of an ailing relative. Perhaps you’re just curious about a new part of the country but know you’ll eventually come back home. Whatever the reason you’re about to plan a temporary move, one thing is for sure: it can be more complicated than moving somewhere permanently.

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In addition to all of the logistical planning that comes with any more, you’re also likely dealing with questions about whether you should vacate your current home or simply rent it out or sublet for a while, whether you should bring all of your belongings with you, and if not, what you will be bringing.

The good news: It is possible to plan a temporary move smoothly and successfully. Here are a few tips to help you do it.

Make a list. Write out anything you need to do in order to pull off your move, including everything from finding a renter for your current place, to finding a new spot to live, to hiring a moving service, packing boxes, and booking plane tickets. Getting your massive to-do list is out of your head and officially in writing is the first step to feeling a sense of control over the situation. Plus, it creates an actionable plan so you can see prioritize your tasks.

Consider a furnished rental. The easiest way to tackle a short-term move is to eliminate the need to move furniture. You can simply pack up your suitcase(s) like you were going on a (long) vacation, and your new place will be ready and waiting, no unpacking (or re-packing a few months later) required.

Put things in storage. Regardless of whether you are moving into a furnished or unfurnished apartment, if you will be moving out of your current home for good but plan to eventually come back to the same town or state, consider putting some of your belongings in storage. That way, you won’t have to deal with packing and hauling everything you own to a new home where you might not even have time to unpack it before it’s time to move again.

Hire a moving company to plan the logistics. If you do plan to move furniture or larger items, hire a moving company to help. A good moving company will have experience in all kinds of moves, including temporary ones. Besides the physical aspect of loading, shipping, and unloading your belongings, a quality moving service can also offer help with logistical planning and even storage solutions.