moving out of new jersey

The 10 States New Jersey Residents Move to Most

According to United Van Lines data, New Jersey is the second most moved-from state with 63% percent of its total moves being outbound. If you’re wondering where exactly New Jersey residents are moving to, we’ve rounded up the top 10 states according to the IRS migration statistics. Take a peek at our list to see where Garden State residents are packing their bags and moving to.

moving out of new jersey

Newark Airport; Image: Nicolas Jehly

1. New York

It’s no surprise that New York tops the list as the state most New Jersey residents move to. Whether they’re crossing state lines and moving closer to the city for work, or flocking upstate to get a respite from the city’s hustle and bustle, New Jersey residents are opting to call New York home instead.

2. Florida

According to the United Van Lines data, retirement and job opportunities were among the top reasons NJ residents were moving. As the baby boomer population ages, older residents are leaving cold Northeast states like New York and New Jersey and opting instead for warmer climates to settle down in. According to the data, more than half (56%) of people leaving New Jersey were over the age of 55, with 22% being older than 65. As Florida is known as a popular retirement destination, it’s easy to see that many New Jersey residents are flocking to this southern state for this reason.

3. Pennsylvania

The third most moved-to state from New Jersey is Pennsylvania. Whether it is for convenience, a new job opportunity or a company transfer, many Garden State citizens are hopping over the border and taking up residence here.

4. California

New Jersey residents looking for warm weather, more jobs and green spaces are choosing to leave behind New Jersey’s cold temperatures for sunny California. In fact, 14% of the outbound moves from New Jersey were to California.

5. North Carolina

North Carolina was among the top most moved-to states nationwide, and New Jersey residents definitely contributed to this trend. 7.5% of outbound NJ moves were to North Carolina.

6. Texas

According to recently released Census Bureau data, three of the top five fastest growing cities are in Texas. This is largely due to the booming tech industry that has emerged in the Lone Star State. The job opportunities that these companies are offering are no doubt a big reason why many New Jersey residents are packing their bags and heading to Texas.

7. Virginia

New Jersey citizens looking for a lower cost of living are opting to move to Virginia instead. According to the cost of living index at the cost of living in Richmond is 97.5 versus Jersey City’s 133.3 (with 100 being the national average). With lower costs on housing, food and transportation, it’s easy to see why residents are choosing to move 6 hours southbound to Virginia.

8. Maryland

Maryland is a popular spot to move to not only because of how close it is to D.C., but also because of much more affordable it is. Since such a large portion of New Jersey residents cited job opportunities as their reason for leaving, it’s no surprise why Maryland, with its easy commute to the nation’s capital, would make this list.

9. Georgia

Whether it is for retirement, job opportunities or to be closer to family, New Jersey locals are flocking to this southern state.

10. Massachusetts

Rounding out our list is the Bay State. With endless college options and a growing healthcare and technology market, Massachusetts is a popular moving destination for New Jersey residents.

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