4 Things to Do Now That Will Make Life Easier After You Move

If you’re planning a move, you’re probably focused on planning all of the details that’ll actually get you into your new place: signing a lease, packing up your current home, and hiring a moving service. But, while you’re in the midst of plotting logistics, it’s important not to forget what’ll happen after you move in, too. Taking a few extra measures now can ensure that life in your new home is organized and comfortable those first few weeks. Here are five things to do now to make life easier after you move.
things to do after a move

1. Find Local Necessities.

If you aren’t familiar with your new neighborhood, plan a day to set out an explore the area, either in person or via the internet if your move is long-distance. You’ll save a lot of time (not to mention stress) during those busy first few days if you already know where to find the closest supermarket, coffee shop, and quality takeout in your new location.

2. Create Detailed Labels
You may be in a rush to get your home boxed up, but little extra effort now will pay off big time when you go to unpack in your new place. Write down not only what room each box will go in, but what is packed in each, too. That way, when you urgently need a cup of coffee the morning after the move, you’ll know exactly where to find the coffee maker.

3. Set Up a Your Utilities Service Calls.
If you’ll need things like Internet, cable, or elecriticty set up in your new home, it’s wise to schedule the calls a week or two in advance of when you’d like the services set up in your new home. If you wait until you’re moved in, there’s a chance you won’t be able to get an immediate appointment and could be (literally) left in the dark.

4. Forward Your Mail.
To ensure you get all of your important mail and favorite magazines at your new home, set up your mail forwarding week or so before you move (it’s easy to do on USPS.com), that way any mail that’s en-route will be sure to wind up at the right address.