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7 Ways to Ease Your Family Into Relocation

Relocation can add a lot of stress and uncertainty to your family’s life. Children are especially susceptible to this stress, as they most likely haven’t had to deal with such a big life change before. While adults can focus on the positives of a new place, children oftentimes aren’t able to separate their feelings and […]

What to Do When Only One Spouse Wants to Move

Moving is one of the most stressful events in your life and when you add another person into the mix, the decision can become that much harder. Whether you’ve been offered a lucrative job in another city, want to experience somewhere new or want to relocate closer to family, weighing your options for such a […]

5 Tips to Consider When Moving Your Family For Your Job

Is relocation for a new job worth it for your family? Here are a few ways to evaluate if moving your family for your job is the right decision. 1. Check-In with Your Family The most significant discussion you can have with your family is making sure everyone is on board with this decision. Sitting […]

4 Tips for Moving in the Summer

Did you know that May is National Moving Month? For millions of Americans, summer is an ideal time to move because the weather is nicer, children are on summer vacation and the home buying season is at its peak. May kicks off this busy time period with Memorial Day weekend being one of the busiest […]

7 Ways to Sell Your Stuff During a Move

It’s always when you’re gearing up for a move, that you start to realize just how many items you actually own. Your belongings seem to accumulate over the years and oftentimes these items aren’t necessarily worth moving across state lines, or even down the street. Whether it’s your college bed that you’ve simply outgrown or […]

5 Ways to Commute to New York City from New Jersey

Planning to live in NJ and commute to New York City? If so, you’ll be joining the 1.5 million commuters that travel into the city each day. Whether you’re planning on taking public transit or questioning the benefits of driving you own car, here is an evaluation of 5 ways to get there. PATH Train […]

4 Benefits of American Movers Document Storage

Most businesses save their paper documents for at least seven years, while some even save them for their businesses’ entirety. As you can imagine, this makes for an exorbitant number of papers that a lot of businesses often don’t have the capacity nor the secure facilities to hold them in. This is where off-site record […]

American Movers of New Jersey Offers Full-Service Moving

Moving in a pinch? Working full-time and have a family of five? You might need more than just someone to move your belongings from point A to point B. At American Movers we know just how complicated moving can get! That’s why it is critical to choose a moving team that has the resources and […]

Office Relocation: 8 Tips for Moving Your Business

Just the thought of office relocation can send even the most collected business owners in to a state of anxiety. With so many moving parts, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the challenges that come with a commercial move. In order to help make this process smoother for you and your team, here are […]

10 Moving Tips for the Super Organized

Are you one of those people where clutter and chaos drive you crazy? If so, then moving might be an extra-stressful time for you. Here are 10 moving tips designed to help you cope if you’re super-organized. 1. Sort Through Your Possessions Before you begin to pack or making a moving list, sort through your […]