4 Tips for Moving in the Summer

Did you know that May is National Moving Month? For millions of Americans, summer is an ideal time to move because the weather is nicer, children are on summer vacation and the home buying season is at its peak. May kicks off this busy time period with Memorial Day weekend being one of the busiest times all year to pack up your belongings and relocate to a new home. While summer might be the most popular time to move, high demand during these few months can cause elevated prices and less availability, which will take a bit of planning to work around. If you’re planning on moving this summer, here are 4 tips for moving during high season.

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1. Book Moving Services Earlier

Since it’s the busiest time of the year for moving companies, their schedules will fill up quickly and you’ll need to plan well in advance in order to secure a spot. Experts suggest starting to look for moving companies at least six to eight weeks before your desired moving date. This time period should help you to beat the rush and save on any last minute headaches when all the companies in your area are booked.

2. Consider Moving During Off Times

The beginning and end of the month as well as the weekend are the busiest times of the month to move, and because of this prices often skyrocket during these times. If possible, try and plan your move mid-week as prices are a lot lower and you can find more availability than if you were to move on the weekends. You’ll also want to avoid Memorial Day, July 4th and the last weekend of July as these dates tend to be popular moving times as well.

3. Research Pricing

Just like with anything, the more research you do… the better! Many people make the mistake of only researching one to two moving companies and don’t take the time to really compare and contrast the pricing, services and reviews of the different movers. In order to get the best deal possible, call around to at least 5 companies and get a moving quote from all of them. Do be weary of any companies that give you a quote well below the market value, as they oftentimes are scams.

4. Take Weather In To Account

It’s always a toss up as to whether people prefer moving in the winter with the frigid temperatures and the unruly weather or moving in the summer with the sweltering heat and frequent thunderstorms. Regardless of your preference, if you’re moving in the summer, you’ll want to factor in the heat to your plans and prepare as much as possible for it. It’s a good idea to book your moving company in the first spot of the day, so that they can arrive early in the morning while the heat hasn’t quite set in yet. You’ll also want to make sure to stay hydrated and wear lightweight clothing so as to avoid heat stroke. In addition, be sure to take into account the items that won’t fare well in a hot moving truck, and plan ahead for the transport of these belongings.