Senior Citizen Moving

Moving Senior Citizens – A How-To Guide from Our Experienced Moving Team

Let’s face it— moving can be stressful for anyone, but it can be especially anxiety provoking when you’re a senior. Whether it’s downsizing to a smaller home, moving closer to family or a medical facility, moving to a warmer climate or moving to receive support with daily living, there are a wide-variety of reasons in which seniors need to relocate. This process can be cumbersome and stress-inducing as you will need to downsize and part with many unneeded belongings as well as pack up and move all your things—which many seniors aren’t able to assist with. This is where a moving service can really come in handy. From packing and organizing to decluttering, take a look at how a moving service can assist with your Senior Citizen move.

Senior Citizen Moving

1. Everything is Taken Care Of with Comprehensive Moving Services

The most common move for seniors is one in which they are downsizing from their family home to a smaller, more manageable one. This process can be overwhelming, because as you can imagine after 50+ year of life most people have accumulated a lot of belongings that they won’t have a need or space for in their new home. This downsizing process is cumbersome and almost impossible to do by yourself as you age. This is where a full-service moving company is key. By letting a moving service handle all of the packing, transportation, unpacking, installation, cleaning and interior arrangement services, you are opting for a relaxed, stress-free move that allows you to focus on your new home.

2. Downsize, Declutter and Dictate Your New Home Setup with Ease

A good moving company will help to strategize your ideal move by helping to declutter, downsize and plan how you wish to organize your new home with blueprints and more. When you’re going from a 2+ story home with 10 rooms to a 2 room condo or apartment, there’s no doubt you will need to sort through your belongings and figure out which items you will donate, pack, store or discard. A moving service will help you with all of these steps and alleviate the pressure on your family. They can not only help to strategize and plan out which items will go where in your new home, but they can also help you to sort through things that need to be recycled or thrown away and remove them for you. If there are items you cannot part with, but don’t want to discard, they can also help to set up and transport these items to a storage facility.

3.  Flexibility Allows For a Stress-Free Move

Oftentimes a move due to medical reasons can be sudden and there isn’t much time to plan out the details. This is where the flexibility of a moving service can really be of assistance. When you’re taking care of your aging senior, you want to focus on the things that matter and leave the moving to the professionals. When moving dates, times, etc. change last minute, a flexible moving service will work with you to find your optimal moving time.

4. A Communicative, Friendly Moving Company Will Set You Up For Success

Communication is key in a successful move and you’ll want to choose a moving service that is communicative through each and every step of the process. Whether it’s the initial call to describe the moving process in depth, or being up-front about estimates and plans, a professional moving team is trained to help make each step of the process as transparent as possible.

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