American Movers Document Storage

4 Benefits of American Movers Document Storage

Most businesses save their paper documents for at least seven years, while some even save them for their businesses’ entirety. As you can imagine, this makes for an exorbitant number of papers that a lot of businesses often don’t have the capacity nor the secure facilities to hold them in. This is where off-site record storage comes in. Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, secure document storage is crucial to not only save time and space, but also to keep your most valuable data safe and accounted for.  If you’re a business owner looking for off-site storage, take a look at the benefits of American Movers document storage.

American Movers Document Storage

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Why choose American Movers’ Document Storage?

1. We offer, quality trusted services with decades of experience

At American Movers, we specialize in quality storage services and with our advanced, secure and reliable storage facilities, you can be certain that your regulatory compliances and document retention are being managed in a reliable manner. We have been expertly handling our client’s critical documents for some ten decades, meaning we not only have the experience, but we also have our client’s trust after years of successful storage. Just take a look at some of our reviews to see how satisfied our customers have been with our work in the past.

2. Rest assured that your files will be safe and secure with our top-notch security features

We know that security is key, which is why we offer our clients secure, climate-regulated vaults that are convenient for you to access at any point. We have extensive theft, fire, and natural disaster measures in place for your security, so you can have peace of mind that your information is safe and secure at all times. Most businesses don’t have these measures in place and more often than not, thousands of documents are lost each year in uncontrollable circumstances that could have been avoided by opting for professional document storage. Off-site document storage allows for a fail-safe plan in case of any natural disasters or unforeseen situations.

3. We professionally archive and store your files

Whether it’s your documents, microfilm, CDs, files or media, we professionally archive and store your most valued data, so you can have complete confidence in the well being of your items.

4. We make it quick and easy to access your documents

If you need to retrieve or check on a document, we make it fast and easy. All you need to do is call our document storage center or securely log in online to find what you need. You can also schedule a delivery any day of the week, or your files can be faxed, emailed or uploaded onto a secure server. Each one of your boxes has a bar code and is linked to a database that manages your inventory. Thus, we can quickly locate specific documents and deliver them to you, and then, subsequently, re-file them. Our advanced software system records the details of every retrieval–the who, when and what.

To find out more about our document storage options, be sure to check out our informational page here.