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10 Moving Tips for the Super Organized

Are you one of those people where clutter and chaos drive you crazy? If so, then moving might be an extra-stressful time for you. Here are 10 moving tips designed to help you cope if you’re super-organized.

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1. Sort Through Your Possessions

Before you begin to pack or making a moving list, sort through your possession and decide on what items you no longer have a need for. Donate or discard any unwanted clothing, furniture and knickknacks to help make your packing just a little bit easier. Keep in mind, items like your IKEA dresser that has been with you since college and is missing a handle might be easier to discard than to go through the hassle of moving it.

2. Transfer Your Address

In the hustle and bustle of a big move, it is easy to forget the little things. This is why we suggest making any necessary address changes and utility transfers a month in advance of your move. You’ll want to call the post office to make an address change, contact the utility companies at your old and new home to cancel/set up services and notify your bank, creditors etc. of your change of address.

3. Decide If You Need a Moving Service

For small moves, large moves, cross-country moves and everything in between, you’ll want to consider hiring a moving company. Not only will a moving company help to safely transport your belongings, but they will also take a lot of stress off of you and your family. If you do decide to hire professional services, be sure to call as far in advance as possible to ensure you can secure movers, especially during busy moving times like January 1st, July 1st and September 1st.

4. Make a List

If you’re already an organized person, chances are you’ve already made a list (or two), but before you get too wrapped up in the chaos of your move be sure you’re keeping track of everything. Experts suggest that before you pack even a single box, that you create a simple record keeping system. For every box you pack, place a number on it. Then, on your computer or in a notebook, write down what that box contains. This easy system will save you so much time and effort in the long run.

5. Create a Home Base for Packing

Designate an out-of-the-way area in your home as a place where you’ll find all your labels, pens, tape and other supplies. This is also where you’ll keep all of the finished, taped up boxes ready to be moved. If you have items that you instead of your movers plan to transport, be sure to put those items in a separate, marked area.

6. Have More Supplies Than You Think You’ll Need

If you’ve moved before, you know that when it comes to packing supplies, the motto is: “the more the merrier.” After all, no one wants to run out of boxes the night before their move. Be sure to pick up more boxes, tape, unprinted newspaper and bubble wrap than you think you’ll need. You’ll also want to set aside 10 boxes for any last minute items on moving day such as clothing, toiletries, bedding and cleaning supplies. If you have leftover boxes once the truck is packed, you can always return them for a refund.

7. Color Coordinate

Designate a specific color for each room in your new home and place a colored sticker on each box to signify which room it’s going into. This will help keep you and your movers on track the day of the move so that each box is placed in the correct room.

8. Keep Things Together 

As much as possible, try and keep your things together. When you take down photos on the wall or pack away your television, be sure to take any items that go with these, such as hooks, nails and cords and put them in a plastic bag and tape them to the underside of the item. When you move into your new home, it will be much easier to set things up this way than if you had just thrown all of the extra parts into a box.

9. Pack Ahead

Most experts suggest you start packing 2 months in advance to ensure a successful move. You’ll want to start by packing any non-essentials or seasonal items that you know you won’t need until after you are settled in your new home. Keep packing your items little by little right up until a few weeks before your move. Once you’re two weeks out, you can really start to ramp up your packing.

10. Pack a Personal Bag

Have you and each of your family members pack a suitcase with clothing, electronics, toiletries, towels, medications and first aid essentials for the first night in your new home. This will help you to save time searching through all your boxes for your favorite pair of pajamas on your first night!

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