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The Most Expensive Towns in New Jersey

When you pull up any list documenting the most expensive cities in the country, you’ll find that cities and towns in California, New York and Colorado all dominate the top ten. While New Jersey may not make the top ten, its real estate is still some of the most expensive in the country. With towns […]

The Most Crowded Cities in NJ

If you’ve ever lived in or around New Jersey, it’s no surprise that it is the most densely populated state in the country. While this fact may not be all too surprising, it might shock you to hear that there are three cities in the Garden State that are more densely populated than New York […]

Moving to New Jersey? 5 Things to Know…

Are you considering moving to New Jersey? Many city-dwellers relocate here for a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life and to gain a little extra living space. In New Jersey, you can walk along a beach, shop in the city and hike the wilderness of the Pine Barrens all in one day. […]

New Jersey’s Best Public High Schools

Finding the right high school for your child includes balancing factors like graduation rate, Advanced Placement course options, and student-teacher ratio. These factors are key in setting them up for a successful high school career.  To help ease your search, we pulled data from the U.S. News and World Reports and ranked New Jersey’s Best […]

Avoid Moving Scams in New Jersey

There’s been a story in the news recently: It tells of a company, called Fastway Moving, that shut down suddenly last year and left its customers (who purchased both moving and storage services through Fastway) high and dry. Customers lost their belongings and their money. After bringing their story to the attention of the local […]

5 Unconventional Tips for Moving in New York City

There are plenty of places to find moving tips online: articles that tell you how to find a good moving service, when to start packing, and how to purge your belongings. But, there are certain nuances about moving in New York City that a generic list of moving tips won’t cover. Since we’ve been moving […]

Long Distance Moving Companies: How To Find a Good One

Choosing a moving company is not as easy as googling the closest company and calling it a day. Hiring a trusted company that has the right credentials and a rate in your price range is key. After all, you wouldn’t want to hand over your prized possession to an unqualified company. You want to hire […]

The Most Affordable Neighborhoods in New York City

New York City is a city of opportunity, and while many reports say it’s one of the best cities for young professionals to find jobs, this increased career potential does come with a hefty rent price tag. New York City is the second highest metropolis in the U.S. when it comes to rent prices. While […]

Moving Checklist: 7 Items You Don’t Want to Forget

There are a million and one things that need to happen when you move. From scheduling a home inspection, to hiring a moving service, to packing every single thing you own, it seems like the to-do list is never ending. Even if you think you can’t possible have missed something on your miles-long to do list, […]

On the Market: Celebrity Homes for Sale in New York City

Even if you’re not currently looking for your own multi-million dollar townhome or a penthouse with priceless views in the middle of Manhattan, it’s fun to pay attention to upper-echelon of New York City real estate. Local listings give you a glimpse at how the other half live … and a lot of times, that other half […]