Tips for Moving Out of State

Moving can be stressful, cumbersome, and tiring–even when you’re just going across town. But factor in all of the extra logistical issues that come with an out-of-state move, and the entire situation can become downright overwhelming. If even the thought of your out-of-state move is enough to send you running for the liquor cabinet, consider these five tips, which will simplify your move and help put your mind at ease.

1. Make a list. An out of state move comes with a lot of extra work — you might need to host a yard sale to unload extra belongings you don’t want to cart across state lines with you, or you may need to investigate renewing professional licenses in your new home state, for example. To help make the overwhelming to-dos more manageable, create a master list (use excel or Google docs, something that allows you to easily edit and add columns of information to you list) of everything that will need to be done before, during, and after your move, which will help you get control of the situation and ensure you don’t forget anything. This comprehensive moving checklist from Real Simple is a great place to start when creating your list.

2. Take it one step at a time. One your have your list created organize it by the date it needs to be completed. Then, take the list one step at a time, or divvy up certain tasks to your significant other or children, if they can handle it.

3. Extensively research a moving service.
Choosing the right moving service is one of the most important things you will do during your move, since it can be the difference between a hassle-free experience, and one that leaves you ready to pull you hair out. Ask friends and family for recommendations, search Yelp reviews, and call a variety of different companies for quotes before settling on a company to help you. Be sure to ask any company you’re considering if they are licensed and insured, too.

4. Start early. Sure, you may not be moving for another two months — but take a peek at that to-do list again. Even simply organizing a yard sale can take a week or more if you have to choose what you’re selling, decide on a price, advertise the sale, move everything out to your yard, and figure out what to do with anything that doesn’t sell, for example. Or, you might realize during your research that enrollment deadlines for your children’s new school are coming up sooner than you think.

Overall, when it comes to moving out of state, the key to doing it successfully comes in good preparation and excellent organization. Research, make lists, hire great help, and you (and your belongings!) will make it through the move in one piece.