How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers?

Hiring movers can be one of the larger costs associated with your move, so it pays to do some research in advance to ensure you get the best deal, as well as the right level of service for your move. If you’re only moving a studio apartment, for example, you don’t necessarily need to spring for all-day moving service when the job could probably be done in a few hours.
moving service cost -American Movers New Jersey

If you’re in the process of planning a move, here are a few factors that will determine your total cost to hire movers, along with a sample quote for a local move from American Movers.

1. The time of the month. Because most apartment leases begin on the 1st of 15th of the month, the weekends immediately following those dates are peak times for moving. Due to high demand, prices are often higher on these weekends, and many moving companies will offer discounted rates if you choose to move a different weekend instead.

2. The size of your space. Naturally, the size of your space and the number of boxes you have will affect the price movers charge. A small apartment might only require two or three movers to get the job done, while a large home can mean more staff, and more time spent loading and unloading the moving trucks.

3. How complicated the move is. Moving companies use a variety of factors to determine a quote, including the complexity of the move. If you’re moving from one sixth floor walkup to another, the move will take long and be more complicated than if your new place is in an elevator building. Complex moves equal higher costs.

4. The distance of the move. If you’re moving down the street, or even within the same town, you can expect a less expensive quote than if you’re moving a long distance. Long distance moves require more driving time and logistical planning (especially if they are across state lines), thus warranting a higher cost.

Want a more concrete example? Below is an example of American Movers’ off-peak, local moving package. (Or, get a custom estimate by using our moving cost calculator).

Off-Peak Local Moving Package:
3 Movers / 4 Hours = $480

No stairs involved

Three men crew only

Up to 100 c.f

Tolls not included

Within 30 Miles of Elizabeth NJ

Not during the peek of the month (24-4, 12-17)