Who Should You Notify About A Change of Address?

One of the most important, yet also most annoying, things about moving is having to send out notifications about your change of address. From your friends who want to know where to send your holiday cards this year, to your credit card company who will require an updated billing address, there are a whole host of people and parties that’ll need your new location. With all of the other to-do-list tasks that come with a move, however (getting cable installed, finding your favorite coffee mug, finally getting around to unpacking), it’s not hard to imagine you might inadvertently leave someone important off the list.


To help you make sure you have your bases covered, we’ve put together a list of everyone you should alert about your change of address.

  • Friends & family
  • Your bank
  • Your employer’s HR department
  • Insurance company
  • Credit card companies
  • Magazine and newspaper publishers
  • Companies you’d like to continue to receive catalogs and promotions from
  • Subscription services
  • Doctors, dentists and other service providers
  • Book and music clubs.
  • Utility companies – gas, electric, sewer, water, cable, phone, internet provider, etc.
  • State & Federal tax authorities (800-829-3676 for an IRS change of address form. For the NJ State Division of Taxation, call 609-588-2200.)

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