Do You Need a Moving Company?

Moving can be a costly experience. There’s boxes and packing tape to buy, security deposits to pay, and new furniture to purchase. If the cost of moving is making you think you might take the DIY-route with your move instead of hiring a moving company, read on. There are many benefits to choosing a moving company that go beyond the simple ease of experience.

do you need a moving company?

You’ll stay safe.

Moving is physically taxing, but it can also be potentially dangerous if you’ll be lifting heavy or cumbersome items, and moving boxes and furniture up and down stairs. Movers are trained and experienced at the proper ways to lift and carry your items, saving you the hassle of a thrown-out back or broken toe.

You’ll save time.

If time really is money, then movers pay for themselves. It can take a good moving service mere hours to load your entire house into a moving truck, where it could take your family days to do the same job.

It’ll be less stressful.

The to-do list during a move seems like it’s never-ending. You have to cancel the utilities, find new childcare, learn a new commute, forward the mail…and the list goes on. Hiring movers takes one of the major jobs off of your plate: the actual task of moving.

You’ll be insured.

You’ll likely be moving a number of expensive, fragile items to your new home, like a television, desktop computer, antique furniture, and artwork. A moving company not only acts as insurance for these items (because they’ll know how to properly pack and handle them), but your moving company will actually have insurance to protect your belongings should anything happen to them. The insurance that comes with your moving service will be minimal, but you’ll have the option to purchase fairly inexpensive coverage plans should you want an upgrade.