Interstate And Long Distance Moving From New Jersey To Phoenix, AZ: What To Know Before Your Move

Need help with interstate moving from New Jersey to Phoenix, AZ? American Movers is here to help. And as you plan your cross-country move, we’re here with some helpful tips and information you may want to know about moving to Phoenix.

1. The Summer Is Seriously Hot – But Cools Down From November To March

In the summer, the high almost every day will reach 99° F – and from June to August, the average high is over 100° F!

While the dry climate doesn’t make it feel quite as hot – Phoenix is much less humid than New Jersey – you’ll still need to stay indoors or in the shade during the hottest days to stay safe.

There’s good news, though. The average high in November is 77° F, and mild temperatures continue through the “winter” months until about March and April, when the climate starts to heat up again.

2. Dust Storms & Monsoons Strike In The Summer

Phoenix only gets about 8 inches of rain per year – compared to the U.S. average of 38 inches, and the 46 inches of average rain in New Jersey. Most of this rain falls during summer “monsoons” that occur in late summer.

A type of dust storm called a “haboob” is also common in the summer. During these intense dust storms, you should stay inside to avoid inhaling dust, and pull to the side of the road if you’re driving. And speaking of driving…

3. You’ll Definitely Need A Car

Phoenix is a huge, sprawling city – and while there is some public transportation like a bus system, you’ll want to have a car to get around the city easily for work, recreation, and other such purposes.

4. The Food Is Amazing

Like much of the Southwest, Phoenix has a huge population of Mexican people, and has also drawn in chefs and restaurateurs from all throughout the United States. That adds up to an amazing culinary scene – if you’re an adventurous eater, you’ll find a lot to love in Phoenix.

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