Do I Need Storage During Interstate And Long Distance Moving From New Jersey To San Antonio, TX?

Hiring interstate movers like American Movers for long distance moving from New Jersey to San Antonio? We’re here to help – and in addition to our full service moving capabilities, we also offer short-term, long-term, and mobile storage! Wondering if you need our storage services? Here are 4 signs that storage from American Movers might be right for you!

1. You Want To Declutter While Staging & Selling Your Home

“Staging” your home in New Jersey means removing clutter and making it look its best so that it sells more quickly. If you need somewhere to store furniture, boxes, and other stuff you don’t need before you sell your home in New Jersey and move to San Antonio, American Movers can help.

2. You’re Downsizing And Need Somewhere For Your Stuff

For example, if you’re an “empty nester” and are moving from a large home in New Jersey to a new home in San Antonio, you may find that you have too much stuff to fit into your new home.

A storage unit gives you a secure place to put this extra stuff – then you can go through it and decide what you’d like to keep and what you’d like to get rid of later. This gives you more flexibility and ensures you don’t have to delay the interstate moving process.

3. You’re Living In Temporary Housing

If you’re living in temporary housing – for example, because you’ve sold your old home but can’t yet move into your new one – getting storage during the long distance moving process is essential. By renting a storage unit, you can make sure your stuff is close-at-hand and secure, and that you can move it into your new home whenever you find the right place for you and your family.

4. Your New Home In San Antonio Is Being Remodeled

Maybe you’re going to move from New Jersey to San Antonio and you can live in your new home, but some rooms need to be remodeled. In that case, you can store some of your household goods in short-term storage until the work is complete and you can move all of your stuff into your new home.

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