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7 Tips for Effective Packing

For anyone who has moved before, you’ll know that packing is the most time-consuming task of moving.  If you elect to do it yourself rather than pay NYC movers to do it for you, you’ll have to gather all the necessary supplies, and carefully wrap and pack everything you own into boxes. While packing is an inevitable part of moving, there are ways to complete the task faster, smarter, and cheaper. Here are a few tips for better packing.

Start Early

This is the number one piece of moving advice you can receive: start early. Don’t delay packing; this is what leads to things getting broken. Packing up your entire home will likely take longer than you first anticipate. Start by packing items that you don’t use often or won’t need again until you reach your new home.

Pack Strategically

Boxes that contain items you know you will need first should be marked with a distinguishable symbol so they are easy to find. In these boxes, you should include items like sheets, towels, and toiletries. Pack a change of clothes for every member of your household in suitcases that can be accessed easily.

Established a Packing Room/Area

Set aside a room or small area of your home that is designated for packing. Keep your packing supplies in this area so you always know where they are and don’t waste time looking for them. If possible, assemble boxes of various sizes, so they are ready to use when you need them. Have a stash of good, thick markers, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other essential packing supplies on hand as well.

Reuse Boxes

To help limit your move’s impact on the environment, try to reuse boxes when possible. Try to locate gently used moving boxes from others in your community instead of purchasing new ones. This is not only more eco-friendly, but it will also save you money and help you to stick to your moving budget.

Be Mindful of How Heavy You Pack Boxes

Often, self-packers make the mistake of thinking their largest boxes should be saved for big, heavy items. But, the opposite is true. Instead, use your large boxes to pack light things and pack heavy items, such as books, into smaller boxes. If you pack heavy items in large boxes, the boxes may break under the excess weight. When boxes break, the packing process is slowed down.

Don’t Pack Air

The amount of space you have inside your moving truck is limited and you’ll want to minimize waste. Capitalize on all your empty spaces. For instance, don’t empty dresser drawers. Instead, leave your dressers full, or if needed fill them with linens and blankets. Additionally, instead of packing empty suitcases, fill them with clothes and other such items so you are maximizing every square inch of space you have.

Be Ready

Have everything ready to go before your movers show up on moving day. This will help to keep things moving smoothly and ensure that you stay on schedule. If you have furniture that needs to be disassembled for the move, have it taken apart, with all the necessary hardware securely taped to it. Roll area rugs up and tape tightly to keep them from unrolling. The more organized you are before your movers arrive with the moving truck, the better off you’ll be.

There is a lot that goes into packing and preparing for a move. Whether you decide to tackle the task of packing yourself or invest in the professional packing services offered by your NYC movers, it is going to take some time. When you plan accordingly, the task can be accomplished effectively, making your move as smooth as possible.