Living in New York City: The Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to every decision in life, and choosing a place to live is no different. No matter where you live, there’s likely to be some sort of compromise to be made, whether it’s the tradeoff of a smaller apartment for a better location, or dealing with cold winters in a city you love. If you’re thinking about living in New York City (or if you currently live there are you’re considering moving away), here are some of the pros and cons to consider before making your decision.

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-You’ll have unrivaled access to cultural institutions. From the lights of Broadway to the hall of the Museum of Natural History, New York City is home to hundreds of world-renowned cultural institutions.

-You have unlimited career potential. New York is THE place to be for so many bustling industries, from media to medicine, architecture to advertising, construction to corporate law. Some of the biggest companies and firms in the world are headquartered in New York (or have major offices here) and they work hard to attract top talent.

-There’s diversity everywhere. If you want to raise a family among people from all walks of life, or you’re looking for a community of like-minded people within your city, or you simply love the culture and richness that diversity fosters, New York is the place for you. In New York, anything, and anyone, goes. According to Census Bureau data, the population of the city overall is 33% white, 28% hispanic or latino, 25% African American, and 12% Asian, and 37 % of the population if foreign-born. There is also a thriving LGBTQ community, 49% of people speak a language outside of English at home, and the city is 52% women.

-You’ll never be bored. In New York, there is constantly a new (or old) restaurant to try, a street fair to walk through, a gallery opening to attend, a park to explore or a museum to visit.

-The public transportation is excellent. Most New Yorkers don’t own cars because they truly don’t need them. Between the subway system, busses, Metro North, water taxis, LIRR, and plenty of UBERs to be had, you’ll be free from the burden of car ownership when you live in New York.


-It’s expensive. Arguably the biggest and best known drawback to living in New York is that it’s expensive. While U.S. Census Bureau data shows that the median rent for an apartment in New York City is $1255, rents can top $3,000 a month for a one bedroom apartment in parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

-Apartments are small. If you need space, New York is not the place to live. A big apartment in New York is considered 1,000 square feet, and that’s often for multiple roommates or even a family. The norm is for parents raise their children in two-bedroom apartments and singles often live in small studios.

-The weather can be trying. New York is in the Northeast, which means it can be brutally cold in the summer yet hot & humid in the winter. Of course, there are plenty of gorgeous days in between, but for those used to more seasonable year-round temps, adjusting to life in New York may prove difficult.

-It’s competitive. Like the song goes, if you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere. New York attracts top talent to its businesses and students to its schools, and the culture in the city is one of hard work. If you enjoy the hustle, there’s no better place to be. But if you prefer more work-life balance, New York can be a difficult place to live.

Of course, we think there are few places better in the world to live than New York. If you’re planning to move to the city. get in touch with New York City moving service American Movers to help with your logistical plans!