A Complete Guide To Moving in New York City

Moving in New York City is no small feat. Not only is the housing market competitive for both renters and buyers, but there are details to navigate that that come with co-op boards to please, elevator times to reserve (or five flights of stairs to haul boxes down), parking restrictions to navigate, If you’re currently planning a move in New York City, here’s our complete guide to making it easy and efficient.

Find the NYC Neighborhood for you.

Whether you’re moving to New York City for the first time, or you’re simply sick of your current ‘hood, deciphering New York’s hundreds of neighborhoods can be nearly impossible. We put together a number of different lists to help New Yorker’s decipher the city’s many areas, including the most expensive neighborhoods in New York City, the most affordable neighborhoods in New York City, and five of our favorite neighborhoods for renters, based on things like apartment cost, location, availability of amenities, and more.

Exhaust Your Apartment-Hunting Resources. 

There are more ways to find an apartment in New York City than scouring Craigslist! We gathered some additional, effective ways to apartment hunt in the city, here.

Move at the Right Time of Year.

Summer months are the most popular ones for moves, but they’re not always the best choice if you’re trying to save money or score a deal on a lease. Moving during the off-season months of October through March often means that apartment buildings, moving companies, and brokers looking to drum up business will be more willing to offer discounts and negotiate prices. Find out more about the benefits of moving in the off-season here.

Get a Leg Up.

If you’re selling your current place, get top dollar in the competitive New York market by hiring a home stager. They can offer everything from advice on making your space look bigger, to rental furniture to make it look more high end. Here’s a round-up of some of the top home-stagers in New York.


As we mentioned earlier, moving in New York often comes with restrictions, regulations and rules. From whether or not your moving truck is allowed to stand outside your apartment building while you unload, to whether your moving company has the proper licensing, a little research goes a long way. Our article 5 Important Things to Know About Moving in New York has more

Simplify Your Move Day.

There are plenty of ways to make your move-in day easier, like hiring a good moving company, reserving an elevator in your new building in advance, and checking out things like street cleaning, scheduled fairs or events, and parking bans in your neighborhood before you schedule your move. Check out our post on tips for simplifying your move in New York City, here.