affordable neighborhoods in new york city

The Most Affordable Neighborhoods in New York City

Last week, we recapped the most expensive neighborhoods in New York City, the ones where you’ll expect to spend upwards of $4500 a month for a small one bedroom apartment. While these neighborhoods, like Chelsea and TriBeCa are also some of the city’s most desirable, the exorbitant prices can make them out of reach for the average New Yorker. If your budget is significantly lower than these pricey neighborhoods command, however, don’t turn your search to the suburbs just yet: there are still places within city limits that are more attainable. We did a little research and put together a list of the most affordable neighborhoods in New York City, below.

1. Ocean Hill, Brooklyn. Though trendy neighborhoods in Brooklyn can command rents that rival or surpass Manhattan, there are still plenty of affordable enclaves. According to a report by real estate website Zumper, the median price for an apartment in the borough’s Ocean Hill area is $1380.

2. Maspeth, Brooklyn. Zumper’s report shows that in the Maspeth neighborhood in Brooklyn, you can expect to spend around $1430 to rent an apartment.

3. Inwood, Manhattan. If you prefer to be “on the island,” consider searching in Inwood. reports that the average one-bedroom apartment in the area will run you around $1650 per month.

4. Lower East Side, Manhattan. Do you have dreams of living in one of New York’s trendy neighborhoods, or are you willing to spend a little more for proximity to nightlife, restaurants, shopping, and your office? Narrow your search to the Lower East Side. According to Zumper, it’s Manhattan’s least expensive neighborhood, charging an average of $2450 a month for rent.

5. Harlem, Manhattan. If proximity to Central Park is high on your list, consider checking out Harlem, where a quick browse on Street Easy will show hundreds of rental listings with prices below $2,000.

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