Tips for Moving into A Small Space

Whether you’re and empty nester downsizing your home, or you’re a city-dweller constantly faced with limited square footage, it can be a challenge to move into a small space. With some prior planning and insightful tips from those who have been there, though, it doesn’t have to be a frustrating process. We’ve moved plenty of families in New York City and the surrounding areas, and here are our best tips for moving into a small space.

new york movers - moving into a small space

Get a floorplan.

Walking through a new apartment or home will definitely give you a feel for the size and space you’ll be working with. But it’s easy to forget or misinterpret just how small a space is. Ask your real estate agent or landlord for a floor plan of your new place, complete with dimensions. That way when you get home you can measure your existing furniture and belongings to see what will fit through doors and into rooms.

Eliminate what you don’t need.

Simplicity and efficiency are key to living happily in a small space, which means you’ll likely have to part with furniture, clothing, decor, and clutter that won’t fit into your new home. Start by measuring all of your furniture and selling or storing anything that won’t fit. Then, apply the one year rule to your closet: if you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months, donate it. Finally, as you pack, create piles of items you no longer use, that are broken, or that you don’t like. One pile should be for the trash, one goes to donations, and the third should be for storage.

Move smartly.

Hiring experienced movers is critical when you’re moving into a small space, especially if it’s one with tight stairwells, a small entryway, a loft space, or other challenges typical of apartments, condos, or townhouse. Movers have the experience to find workarounds and solutions to small-space moving problems that you might not think of. If you do decide to do it yourself, have a plan. Disassemble furniture as much as you can before you pack it to make it easier to move into your new place. On moving day, once you arrive at your new home, start moving large items first, since you’ll have the most room to maneuver them when the rest of the home is empty.

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